16 Mar 2016

Last night we went to Stephane and Claudine for evening drinks. First off, had to go home, sort the kids and that. Then had our sitter come over, manage their evening. Wyfie and I enjoyed a quick shower and splashed and dashed off to Stephane and Claudine. Around 9pm when we got there. Claudine had catored in finger food and we had white wine to go with that. Their kids were away for a week with Claudine's mum along the west coast. I think they needed a time out.

We chatted and enjoyed the food and wine a bit, before Stephane turned on some sensual sounds on the cd player and we got more into the mood. We got more personal and more touching and even more so with each others spouses. Stephane stood against the bar area, wyfie in his grasp, back to him, his hands around her waist, his mouth on her neck and shoulders. Wyfie wore an evening dress that ended above the knee. Stephane's hand slowly pulled up the dress and he slipped his hand inside her g-string.

I took Claudine's hand and led her to the coffee table. I sat her down, kissed her, cupped her breast over her fitted shirt and rubbed her back. Her hands found my zipper and soon she had my cock in her hand. I stood up straight, and she leaned in. Hmmm felt good as her mouth consumed my cock slowly. Hands on my hip, I looked down and watched her lips move over my swollen cock. She looked so content sucking on it, unselfishly pleasing me.

On the other side I watched Stephane drop to his knees and bury his face into wyfie's snatch, her g-string at her ankles and her dress hiked up. Leaned against the bar, she had nowhere to go but drive her crotch into his face and bury her fingers in his hair. He kissed her from pussy to abdomen. She hasn't started to show yet, but I could see the beginnings of a tell tale bulge from the baby Jean put inside her. Stephane was fully aware and I think he liked the idea of fucking her even if Jean's sperm was already work inside her.

Claudine stood up and pushed me into a couch, then she stripped off and straddled my cock facing me. She guided me to her shaven bulge and my cock slowly moved up inside her. She was wet, turned on and her mouth on mine told me she wanted the cock and urgently so. She broke the kiss and filled my mouth with her right breast. I nursed her while she rode me.slowly and sensually, taking her pleasure and giving me mine at the same time.

Stephane brought wyfie over to the couch aside from Claudine and myself. He layed her out on her back, her head wedged between the back rest and side arm rest. Locked into position, he straddled her chest and slowly eased his throbbing cock into her mouth and down her throat as his balls strained at her lips. Watching her pussy spread and glistening from wetness and Stephane's saliva, and his cock honing her mouth and throat just made my cock harder. I had this need to fuck wyfie's pussy while Stephane took her mouth. I kissed Claudine and whispered my intentions.

Claudine got off me and we joined Stephane and wyfie. Claudine went round the front I the back, kneeling to wyfie's pussy, raising her legs and penetrating her pussy till he she moaned on Stephane's cock. Then I watched Stephane hold Claudine's head and give her his cock. He got them both to suck and he took time to fuck their mouths and throats, gagging them, letting one breath, while taking the other. Below, I fucked wyfie harder and faster. She couldn't breath correctly but was overrun by sensation of my cock in her pussy, my fingers flicking her clit while fucking her and Stephane's cock filling her mouth.

Next thing I heard Stephane grown and wyfie made swallowing sounds and Claudine slurping sounds. Semen drivelled from the side of wyfie's mouth, Claudine licked it. I blew my load giving wyfie a massive orgasm along the way. Claudine came below, licked wyfie's clit while I slowly shafted her pussy to prolong and excite her during her orgasm. Inbetween, I pulled my cock and took Claudine's mouth. Then shoved it back into wyfie. Hmmmm .....deliciously sexy doing that.

Stephane made no attempt to move. He kept his position, and his cock where he needed it, where he wanted it and where I felt he should keep it! I pushed Claudine into a couch on her back and her legs spread, I patiently and erotically ate her pussy until she orgasmed. I licked her during and after her orgasm until I sipped and tasted her pussy. Claudine moaned her satisfaction. I let her bask in the glory if it, before I flipped her around and took her pussy from behind. Fucked her slow but deep, jamming into her depths so she winced a bit. i wanted her to feel me digging away inside her. I needed to feel release and I wanted her cum with me. reaching below, I flicked her clit from the side to beneath her, while I ground into her pussy. Slowly our breath became rapide and when I thrust forward she thrust back against me, letting out a low pitched grunt. I nailed her cunt hard and fast, balls slapping her clit. My hands holding her hip, I felt my seed rise, went deep, help her hip and gave her ovaries a splash......

Wyfie was being doggy fucked by Stephane, only he was fucking her asshole not her pussy. Stephane was in a very purposeful mood. Wyfie bit her bottom lip while he took her butt. Stephane called to Claudine, he needed her under wyfie. Claudine obliged, licking wyfie's pussy while her husbands cock ravaged my wife's ass.

I got in front of wyfie and let her suck off Claudine's fuck juice of my cock. Her face was taught, concentrated, her breathing measured as Stephane and his wife took care of her ass and pussy. Wyfie orgasmed a short while later, violently so, so intense was her physical stimulation inside her asshole and from her clit. She let my cock slip from her mouth. I knelt closer, raised Claudine's legs and bent wyfie's head to C's cunt. C's butt raised, I found her puckered ring and soon had my cock in her bowels...Stephane and I reamed their asses out.

We eventually got up, went to shower in pairs, wyfie and Stehane then Claudine and I. We were ravenous and ate whatever was left. Stephane wouldn't get his hands of wyfie, her ass or her pussy. He fondled her whenever possible. Claudine's pussy felt smooth. We had to leave. Stephane wasn't keen to let wyfie leave. Claudine went to wyfie and whispered to her. Wyfie smiled. Then she took Stephane by the hand. Then went to the guest bedroom and we didn't see them for 15min...when they got back, Stephane looked pleased and wyfie had this naughty grin. She came to me, kissed me.....I tasted his cock.....

We left.....