Written by Mandate

15 Aug 2016

On Saturday had to go through to Pretoria to deliver some stuff to a client. On my way back I took a shortcut through Waterkloof and the road over the hill past Fort Klapperkop to the highway. As I am driving along my phone rings and pull over to answer. There were 2 other cars there.

Anyhow am talking on my phone and the one dudes gets out his car and heads to the passenger window of the other car. He is around mid 30's good looking and very well built and has clearly just come from gym. As I am talking I notice him leaning in and fiddling with whoever else is in the other car, I cannot see clearly. I carry on talking and this guy keeps looking at me while he is busy. He then walks to the back of the car as the other door opens and out comes another guy late twenties who joins at the back of the car. The older of the 2 pulls out a huge fat uncut cock and the younger 1 promptly gets on his knees and starts sucking him. The older guy keeps looking at me as he is being sucked slamming his cock in and out the guys mouth.

I am rock hard now myself and start wanking and slowly open my door so they can see me. He start walking over to my car and the other dude follows. My heart is pounding and don't know whether to close my door and drive away but as he is walking towards me his cock is still out as is the other guy.

As he gets to me he gets down and grabs my cock and starts wanking me. My nerves are shot. He then starts sucking me as the other guy plays with my nipples through my t-shirt. He then forces the other guys mouth onto my cock and tells him to suck it deep. He moves behind the other guy and lifts his ass higher then rolls on a rubber and starts fucking the youngster as he is sucking me.

I am paralysed literally from shear fear, adrenalin and in total disbelief of what is happening but am also so turned. It does not take long before I say I'm about to shoot my load. I get up and stand outside the car to blow as the other guy pulls out , rips off rubber and joins me in shooting our big loads. The younger guy simply gets up and heads back to his car.

The older of the 2 says great cock to me and heads to his car, and we all merrily drive off.

My mind was blown, but will be taking that route again soon...