15 Oct 2017

Let me start by saying WOW,it's amazing what posting a video on your profile would do,well I'm a black professional male,about a week ago I posted a video of myself having fun and it recieved a lot of views,lot of private messages but there is this one in particular that sparked my interest,you know if you get a message you read it and quickly go and check the profile and WOW to my surprise it has that 'we do not cross the racial barrier line mumbo jumbo!

I then responded and the chat instantly went to whatsapp,bear with me I'm not a writer but I had to share this,I then asked if I'm chatting to Mr or Mrs and that information was somehow classified but I must tell you their pictures on the profile are HOT,anyway we planned to meet for a drink ,We planned to meet at the OR Tambo airport,I then booked myself and the Town Lodge simply because I'm not from JHB so I had to rest after the meeting,here I am waiting not knowing who exactly is going to show up,we had planned for 15:00 pm obviously I was there at 14:45 just to psych myself ,at 15:10 I get a message 'I'm here' my heart RACED to outer space and back in a flash,I then disclosed the color of my Jacket and in a minute I see this white mature(maybe late 40s) beautiful lady approaching my table,we shook hands and we sat and chatted and about 20 minutes later a male showed up and introduced himself as the husband,Jeez what the hell is going on here??? Well I held my composure and we shared our fantasies and all that,told them where I am booked and I was a bit exhausted,I needed some rest,we agreed they will come at around 21:00 pm......to be continued!