07 Jul 2016

It is our human nature to want that which is forbidden more than anything else. Once you’re told you can’t have something, you innately begin to desire it. We live in a culture of more. The attainable, available things become disposable in the quest for that which is out of reach and off limits. And yet, not all who can’t say no are shunned and punished. Some are rewarded. Don’t we praise our greatest athletes and others who achieve uncommon success for doing what they’d always been told couldn’t be done? Don’t we claim to honor those who think outside the box and beyond the status quo? History books are littered with heroes who defied convention and reached heights unimaginable by going where no one else dared go. By breaking rules. Tasting the forbidden fruit.

There are no fruit as forbidden as the sister of your wife. No flesh that your teeth would rather tear into, no nectar you would rather drink. And yet so many of us wither to convention and deny ourselves the pleasure of that forbidden taste.

Not me. I’ve waited patiently too long, but I have heard the serpent sing the praises of the forbidden fruit of the garden and I need my taste.

It’s funny, because it didn’t start this way. I’ve known Emily since I started dating my wife as a teenager. She was a few years younger than me, cute and pretty in a sort of plain way, but nothing about her called to me. For years, we were friends, and then, relatives through marriage. But they say that a man and a woman can never truly be friends without sexual desire creeping between them and one day that damn snake slithered up my spine and hissed in my ear and ever since, I haven’t been able to look at Emily in the same way. That plain teenage girl who was maybe just a few pounds overweight is now a woman with curves who knows how to carry herself, how to dress, how to flaunt her hips and double d breasts. She has a sense of fashion and has an aesthetic that falls somewhere between sexy librarian and hipster milf, with mid-length brown hair and horn-rimmed glasses- a 2016 Lisa Loeb. When she visits and I welcome her with a hug, it’s as though Lucifer himself is laughing at me as she presses her glorious tits against my chest and then quickly pulls them away.

Strangely enough, it was my wife who opened pandora’s box when it comes to my thoughts for her sister Emily. We had one of those drunken conversations that she surely wishes she could take back where we each hypothesized who amongst our friends and acquaintances the other would most like to sleep with. After round and round of both question and drink, my wife finally said “What about Emily?”

I stopped dead and did what I knew I had to and said “Emily? No, I would never.” I tried to play it cool and nonchalant, but still be convincing. I didn’t want to protest too much, of course. But she saw through me, and pressed on.

“Come on, really?”

I hesitated, but finally said “I mean, I wouldn’t obviously. She’s your sister. But there is definitely something about her that I never used to notice. She’s really pretty.” I thought I had gone too far, but wife just nodded.

“She’s definitely one of those people who is a lot hotter as an adult than as a teenager,” she said.

“She’s got great tits too,” I blurted out, now definitely going way too far. Lord I was drunk. But my wife didn’t fuss me out. Instead, she told me something about her that I’ve never been able to forget.

“Her nipples, well her areolas really, are huge. Her tits are really nice and her areolas are just round and dark and amazing.”

My jaw dropped. My cock was hard as iron. It’s not that big areolas were a specific turn on necessarily, but now I knew something about Emily’s body that she didn’t know I knew, and most assuredly would not want me to. It was almost like I’d seen her naked without her knowing, except that I hadn’t, but that small tidbit of knowledge made me desperately want to. I took my wife to bed and fucked her furiously, the image of my throbbing cock thrashing through her sister’s body as I sucked on her glorious tits fueling me to emphatic and thunderous climax.

It wasn’t long after that night that we found ourselves on a family holiday. We shared a house at the beach one week each year. Like all holidays, it was a time for relaxation, gluttony, and excess. Sand, sun, water, food, and lots and lots of alcohol. One night we were drinking again and half in the bag. In fact, her other sister had already gone to bed. My wife whispered in my ear, “You should watch Emily at the beach. Her tits always fall out of her top and you can probably get a good look.” I couldn’t believe it. It was almost as if she was begging me to perv on her sister. But I didn’t need any encouragement. Her body made my cock swell and it was all I could not to pounce on her every time I looked her way. But, respectfully, I just continued my drink while my dick ached to tear through my shorts.

It got late and people began to disappear. Some retreated to their rooms, others passed out on a couch or on the floor. Eventually it was just Emily, my wife, and I, and we decided collectively to call it a night. My wife fell asleep almost as soon as she hit the mattress, which left me with an overgrown throbbing giant between my legs that needed relief. I tried for quite a while, twenty, maybe thirty minutes, to let it die down on its own. I laid on my back and closed my eyes, but all I could see was Emily. I rolled to my side, but that pressed my cock against my stomach and made it even harder. I looked over at my wife. She was done for the night, and I was horny as could be, so I reached down and started to stroke myself, the vision of a soaking wet Emily emerging from the water with her tit falling out of her top dancing through my bed. The bed started to shake and my wife stirred. I stopped, embarrassed I’d almost been caught jerking off. I rolled over and pressed my dick against her, hoping to wake her enough to fuck her. Her hand pressed back at me and she mumbled something that sounded like “not tonight,” so I fell back and looked up at the ceiling and waited. Soon her breathing slowed again and I could tell she was asleep so I started again, now imagining that I had Emily riding my cock. I stroked myself slow at first, but before long the bed was shaking again. My wife raised her arm and smacked my side. “Jesus Mark, go in the bathroom,” she said.

I groaned, frustrated and tucked my cock back into my shorts and stood. I walked into the hall and headed toward the bathroom. My shorts were perched like a tent, with my erection standing straight out ahead of me, like a rigid arrow pointing me in the direction of where I could cum. As I walked further down the hall, I passed the room we’d been drinking in just half an hour earlier. Bodies were still strewn everywhere. I saw Emily’s husband face down on the floor. He’d had a few tequila shots more than he could handle and crashed hard. He won’t make it to bed tonight, I thought.

And then it hit me.

She’s alone.

I turned, slowly and saw that the door to their room was open, partly. Softly, I walked toward the door and carefully peered in. There she was, laying alone on the bed, with a sliver of moonlight shining on her pale skin. She had just a small corner of the bed sheet covering the small of her back as she lay sprawled on her stomach. Her panties covered her ass, and a light tank top was all she had on top. Every other inch of her skin was completely exposed to me and the moon lit her just enough that I could see her even in the dark of night. Standing in her doorway, I reached my hand into my shorts and stroked my throbbing cock. My eyes scanned her body from the tip of her toes, up her smooth legs, to the curve of her ass and the soft line of her spine, as I rubbed my hard on faster and faster. She was all alone, she wouldn’t be expecting her husband to climb into bed until sometime in the middle of the night after he finally wakes up. Oh shit, I thought. She doesn’t know what time it is. And she won’t know the difference between me and him if I climb into bed right now. Before I could convince myself what an awful idea it was, I was walking toward Emily’s bed ready to taste the forbidden fruit.

I let my shorts fall to the ground and slowly lowered myself into her bed. She started to turn towards me but I grabbed her and kept her on her side, spooning her. I felt my cock in the groove of her ass as I wrapped my hands around her body. I lay there with Emily in my arms about to burst. I tried to control myself so I could enjoy the moment and lay still with my dick against her for several minutes. Then, I was ready for another bite of fruit. I started to slowly move my hips so that my cock slid back and forth up and down the crack of her ass. For several strokes, she did nothing and I used her body for the pleasure of my cock. Then, she started to move her own hips. I felt her press her ass back against me, ever so gently, the way my wife did in the morning when she wanted to get fucked.

I didn’t know what to do, but it was too late to stop. My body couldn’t have even if my mind told it to, and my mind wasn’t about to do that. I kept rubbing my cock against her, but now I reached around and cupped my hands on her tits. “Mmm,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

I almost died. She reached down between her legs and tugged at her panties, giving me the smallest invitation into her hot pussy. I couldn’t possibly turn down such a welcome. I positioned myself at her opening and then thrust myself in. Her pussy was on fire as I finally filled her. She gasped as I pushed all the way inside her. “Oh god,” she moaned, “you feel so huge!” I knew it! Her little dicked husband couldn’t give her what she needed. I started to pump my dick faster and faster. She was wet as could be and I just glided through her insides. She was doing her best to keep quiet, so I covered her mouth with my right hand and she unleashed. I could feel her teeth gnashing against my palm. I took advantage of her mouth being covered and turned her onto her back. I climbed on top of her, not missing a stroke, and continued pumping her like a piston, carefully burying my face into her chest so she couldn’t see me. I nudged her top up over her breasts and wrapped my lips around her swollen hard nipples and sucked them for all I was worth. I let my hand slip from her mouth for just a second and looked up at her. She was looking right back at me and we locked eyes for just a second. I panicked, not expecting that. I was sure her eyes would be closed. I threw my hand back over her mouth and her eyes got wide like she’d seen a ghost. My cock was close to exploding, but I knew I’d made a huge mistake. She’d seen me and knew it was me and not her husband. Embarrassed, I tried to withdraw from her and run away ashamed, but as I started to pull away I felt her hands clutching me at the hips and she pulled me back in to her. I looked back at her face and pulled my hand from her mouth. “Don’t fucking stop,” she demanded.

I was shocked, but not about to disappoint her. I was so close to cumming anyway, it wouldn’t be much longer. I grabbed her by the hair and looked straight into her eyes and emptied my balls into her, shooting fire hot streams of cum into her deepest depths, one after the other. She bit into my shoulder to keep from screaming as she came too. Finally, both of us finished and I rolled off of her, collected my shorts and strode off into the night, leaving her in a pool of my semen and sweat. I fell into my own bed next to my wife and wondered what the rest of my life would hold for me.

In the morning, Emily wouldn’t make eye contact. She was quiet, withdrawn, clearly not herself, and I was worried. I’d violated her, I thought. Raped her? Maybe not, she did pull me back in after I tried to pull away, but I entered her under false pretenses. I’d done something awful that I could never take back and neither of our lives would ever be the same. At breakfast she sat across the table and wouldn’t look my way even for a second. I felt terrible, like I’d ruined our relationship and both of our marriages for an orgasm. We cleared the table and everyone planned to go out to the beach. As they filed outside, I volunteered to stay back and wash the dishes. Minutes went by as I scrubbed syrup off the plates before loading them into the dishwasher and I wondered why I couldn’t be like everyone else and stay faithful to my wife. Why, of all people, did I have to choose her sister to fuck and why would I be so foolish to do so without even a hint of consent? I propped my arms against the counter and hung my head in shame.

As I did so, I felt a soft hand slide over my mouth. “You motherfucker,” she whispered into my ear as she pressed her tits against my back. “I’ve had some good dick in my day, but I’ve never been fucked like that in my entire life.” It was Emily, and my cock immediately stiffened. “Please tell me that I can have more.” She reached around and slid her hand into my shorts, wrapping her fingers around my cock. I nodded, helplessly. What else could I do? She had my cock in her hand and all my worry evaporated. Fuck regret. Fuck consequences. I just wanted her to make me cum again.

She stroked me slowly as she massaged her tits against my back. “I know you’ve wanted me for a long time,’ she said as she rubbed my cock. “I’m a woman, I can tell by the way a guy looks at me whether he wants to fuck me or not. But I never in a million years thought you’d make a move and I never thought it would be like that.” I turned to her, and she dropped to her knees, yanked my shorts down, and admired my cock. I nearly slapped her in the face with it as it sprang free. She opened her mouth wide and took me into her throat, wrapping her soft lips around my shaft once I was in. Her mouth was like velvet; a soft, warm coating for my erection to lay in. Like an expert, she bobbed her head back and forth, dipped, licked me from base to cap, twirled her tongue around the tip and then dove back in. I couldn’t believe how good she was at sucking dick. I just leaned back in awe and let her work. She held me in one hand and let the other fall between her legs and rub her clit. I hadn’t washed since we fucked the night before, so she was tasting herself on my skin.

After several minutes of fabulous fellatio, I wanted my taste of fruit again. I wanted juice to drip from my lips. I grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up. She was wearing a loose pair of silky pajama bottoms that I ripped off of her and the same panties she’d been in overnight. I lifted her onto the island in the middle of the kitchen and laid her on her back. I nudged her panties to the side and exposed her pink pussy. She was wet and I could see strings of moisture cling to the shifting fabric as I parted her lips. I let my tongue explore her, licking her from her ass to her clit while she writhed and moaned on the cold granite countertop. I stroked myself in one hand while using the other to keep her lips spread. My tongue circled her clit over and over as she moaned, louder and louder with each pass until she grabbed my hair, hard, and started to shake. Her legs tightened and started to squeeze my head and she screamed as she erupted in orgasm. I didn’t stop massaging her clit, instead I pushed my fingers inside her slippery kitty and pressed them against her g-spot, sending her into a second wave of ecstasy. I rubbed her gently from inside and out while she screamed “Holy shit” over and over and over again. Finally her orgasm subsided. Rather than give her time to rest, I yanked her off the counter and spun her around and thrust my cock into her. My face and beard was wet with her juice and it dripped onto her bare back as I fucked her. I gave it to her hard, not wanting to be any less lustful than I was last night. I wanted her to feel with every thrust how long I’ve yearned to be inside her.

“Harder! Harder!” she screamed, and I obliged by absolutely assaulting her. I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her backwards as the sound of our flesh slapping against one another echoed through the entire house. Thankfully, the beach was a good distance from the house, because surely anyone within 1000 yards could hear us and there was no mystery whatsoever as to what we were doing. Finally, I was aching to cum and I told Emily I was ready. She pulled away from me, spun, and dropped to her knees in one motion. I reached down and took my cock in to my hand as she looked up at me, mouth open wide, begging me to cum on her. I stroked myself and felt my insides burn. My knees got weak as I unloaded. Cum flew everywhere, one stream straight into her open mouth, then another across her glasses, one right in the middle of her forehead, and more yet dripping from her chin. I fell forward, barely able to stand after such and eruption. My cock rubbed against her face, smearing semen all over her. She grabbed me by her hand and used my spent cock to wipe her face clean, then sucked all the cum off of my dick as I withered. I didn’t know what would come next, but I knew Emily and I would be making each other cum many more times before we’d move on to other forbidden fruit.