Written by PixieAngel

29 May 2015

She hears the familiar ping as he sends her another email. She must not read it and give over to his persuasive word. He is flirting with her.

Oh damn it I have to read it - I just have too. Her mind is telling her one thing but her body is saying another. She has to remind herself he is not hers - he belongs to another.

She gasps at the words she is reading. He is telling her in no uncertain terms what he wishes he could to do her body right now. If she were to come to his office now, he would bend her over his desk and insert his hard 8” cock in deep inside her and fuck her hard until he emptied his seed into her nice wet pussy.

He would then expect her to lick his cock clean leaving no evidence behind. She clutches the edge of her desk to prevent herself from getting up and running up the hallway to his office.

She wants to say yes but knows if she does, she has absolutely no self control to say no to him ever again. The moment he touches her, kisses, fucks her she will give herself over to this man. She will become his. He will have the power to do what he sees fit and she will relish every second.

She takes too long to reply to his email and then receives another. This time he is becoming more dominant - even more forceful with his words (she absolutely loves that). She has been given a time line to send a reply - otherwise he will march up to her office and drag her into an empty room and will have his way with her then and there.

Well that sounds pretty good too. But what if they get caught, they’d get into so much trouble. It would be safer in his office behind his closed and locked door.

She quickly gathers her thoughts and hits the reply button:

As much as I would enjoy what you have just suggested, we both know once this starts I won’t want to stop and neither will you. We will be caught up in the lust and the excitement of doing something so forbidden. Are you sure this is what you really want? Will we be able to be discreet about this? Neither of us can afford to deal with the consequences of being found out. You do realise if I say YES you will have unleashed the naughty girl. There will be no stopping her. She will want you at any chance she gets. Are you sure you can handle this?

She nervously hits the send button. She wants him to say yes. She secretly does... and he will be in for some naughty office moments. I don’t think he realises what kind of girl he is dealing with. Yes we have flirted in the hallway. We’ve exchanged witty naughty banter. He has no idea how naughty and willing this girl will be to play his games... to pleasure him... to tease him... to let him take her at his will.

She moves away from her desk. She is too nervous to remain sitting in front of her computer awaiting his reply. What if he changes his mind and he replies with: “no we shouldn’t start this, you are right”. She starts to do some filing when she hears the familiar sound of a received email in her inbox. She continues to file trying to calm her nerves.

For Fuck Sake just read your email. It’s either about to become very exciting at work or down right boring as per usual. Yes it’s from him. The message line reads – NOW, COME NOW. She covers her mouth with her hands to muffle her squeal of delight. She gets up as calmly as she can so her work colleague sitting across from her doesn’t get suspicious. She announces she’ll be back soon as someone needs her assistance (little do they know what kind of assistance she is about to provide).

Once out of the office door she quickens her pace up the hallway to his office. She opens his office door. He tells her to lock it.

He is sitting in his office chair cock in hand masturbating. He turns to face her and asks her if she likes what she sees. Would she like to touch his cock? Would she like to taste him? She, without hesitation moves in front of him and drops to her knees. She takes his cock in hand and looks up at him as she runs her tongue from cock head down his hardened shaft, a groan of pleasure escapes his lips. He gently cradles her head between his hands as he guides her lips up and down his hard cock. His moans of pleasure get louder as she continues to service him.

He asks her if she wants to be fucked by his 8”inch cock, and if so what position would she like to be fucked in? She stands up without saying a word and turns around and bends over his desk and lifts up her skirt.

She is not wearing any knickers. She hears him gasp at the site of her naked pussy in the air waiting for his hardened cock to penetrate her. She looks back at him over her shoulder and pleads with him to fuck and to do so now.

He stands up and positions himself behind. He slaps her on the arse. She groans in pleasure and tells him “do that again, but this time harder and ensure you leave a handprint”. He shakes his head, steadies himself and places his cock head at her entrance. Slowly he pushes his only his cock head inside her and stops. She turns and looks at him and says “more, I want all of your hard cock inside of me”. He smiles at her and response “do you now”. He slowly starts to insert his cock inside her now very wet pussy slowly, inch by inch. She groans in pleasure as he enters her deeper and deeper. He warns her to be quiet as others may hear her as they walk past his office.

She doesn’t care the door is locked and no one can get in.

His cock is now buried deep inside her. He tells her “she feels so fucking good”. He tells her “that her pussy is so the tightest he’s ever had the pleasure of being inside”, encasing his cock and entrapping him inside her.

He pulls back a little and thrusts forward deeper and harder. As his cock enters her again she cries out in the ecstasy of knowing his 8” inch cock is now completely inside of her pussy. He covers her mouth with his hand. He thrusts from behind and comes faster, rapid and deeper. She can tell by his breathing he is close to cumming. He removes his hand from her mouth and warns her to keep quiet (not an easy command for her). He pushes her head down onto the table and then grabs hold of her pigtail to get a better grip.

He holds onto her hip as his thrusts quicken. She tells him to “fuck her hard”. He does as she asks. She is close to cumming, she can feel her pussy starting to clench tighter around his cock. She pleads with him to not cum yet, she is so close to exploding all over his cock. In another couple of thrust she cums. She has to muffle her screams as she gushes all over his cock.

He can’t hold out any more. He thrusts his cock inside her pussy faster and faster. His groans become louder. He squeezes her hip tighter as he cums deep inside her pussy. His thrusts don’t subside. He is still fucking her nice and hard… ensuring he empties all his creamy goodness deep inside her pussy. Once he has emptied all of his semen he remains behind her - gathering himself… getting his strength back.

He withdraws his cock. She turns around and sits on the table and inserts his cock into her mouth with the intention of licking his cock clean. Once she is satisfied that she has lapped up all the juices from his cock she stands to straighten up her clothing. He helps her and pulls down her skirt. He gently runs two fingers between her pussy lips. He wants to feel her wetness.

He comments: “fuck you’re nice and wet. You are to remain that way. You are not allowed to clean yourself up. I want you to feel where I’ve been for the rest of the day. Every time you move I want you to feel my cum inside of you.”

Of course she will abide by his wishes. By saying yes and coming down to his office she is now his. She is to do whatever he commands of her. He is in control of when and where they fuck. She will make herself available to him.

Now all she has to do is to sneak out of his office without being caught by her Boss who is only a couple of doors down the hallway.