Written by Mrs. Lomos

19 Dec 2017

For Old Time’s Sake (Part 2)

(As requested by readers.)

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I haven’t told Grant yet about James and I, the time and the mood is not right yet, although, if he was attentive, he could have picked up a few signals. Fortunately, James behaved quite well after our encounter. I expected a hand on my ass or some pussy groping whenever we are together and no one else to see, but nothing more than a smile and normal interaction from James.

Whenever I get time between my duties at home, I would pop in wherever the workers were busy to see what they were doing. At one such occasion they were packing vegetables for the market with a few temporary workers, three women and one young man. This young man, Kenneth, has been here before, friendly yet hard-working. I walked around to where he was and stood at the head of the sorting table with my knee on a chair. I was wearing a light summer dress, a few inches above the knee. I noticed Kenneth watching me every now and then, his gaze drifting down to my legs, probably to see if he can see more of what’s under my dress, then suddenly he dropped a few of the vegetables and immediately squatting to pick it up, taking the opportunity to peek under my dress and he had a view right up to my panties because of the way I was standing. He took his time to pick up the fallen vegetables, he even moved some under the table to shield himself from the others so that he could not be seen doing the unthinkable. I smiled inwardly, knowing what Kenneth was doing and I decide to play along. I was also getting worked up by the thought that this young man is lusting after me. I lowered my backside in a half-squat, still keeping my knee on the chair, opening my legs a little to afford Kenneth an unobstructed view of my panties. Later on he took a bundle of hessian bags to separate them, sitting on a bench against the one wall. I decided to tease him a bit by sitting on the chair with my legs under the table and flash him whenever he looks in my direction. He had to reposition his cock a few times to hide his erection. This teasing caused me to become very aroused. I went to the toilet and removed my panties, then gave him a clear view of my naked pussy before I left to go home. His mouth fell open and his eyes almost popped out. When he looked up, I smiled at him, and then got up to go home, looking forward to a good fuck tonight when Grant and I go to bed.

Two weeks has passed since my encounter with James at the river and still the memories are as vivid as if it happened a few minutes ago. I still sometimes feel cum running into my bum crack and the feeling of the strong jet of cum spurting into my depths. Grant must have enjoyed the benefits these past two weeks.

I have to make a decision, and it’s not a simple decision, there are too many factors to consider. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you will know what I’m talking about. My desire for James’ cock is overwhelming sometimes, but I don’t want to be seen as a slut (although I may be considered a slut by many). Although I want James to fuck me as often as he can, it is just not possible without dire consequences. Although Grant allows me to have sex with another man once in a while, he will not allow me to run wild and fuck another man every other day. Also, I have to consider the law and the repercussions should we be caught. We may not be able to hide it from the other workers for very long, jealousy may cause a lot of problems. Last, but not least, our working relationship may suffer because of the intimate nature of our personal relationship. Kenneth may well become involved too and that will just complicate matters. I decided to have a talk with James to see if we can sort out these issues without compromising our relationship. I’m sure James will understand.

The opportunity I was waiting for came the next day. Grant had a few things to do in town and James and I had to visit the site in the kloof where Grant wants to build a small dam. We saddled the horses and loaded some stuff that was needed on site. When we were a good distance away from the house I started the conversation regarding our sexual relationship. As expected, James realised the consequences and promised to keep his cool while we are with others and also not to expect sex at every opportunity. I made it clear that I love my husband and will never do anything to disappoint him.

The path to the dam site runs between the mountain range and the fence along the crop fields through bushy areas, some dense, some more open. James stopped and dismounted to take a leak. This is one thing that I noticed from when we were children together that the boys (and later men), will urinate anywhere and without covering up. The girls will hide behind a shrub or tree trunk, but the boys not. So, James just took out his cock and finished the job. I tried to ignore it but I had to peek, and I did, only to have a glimpse at that huge dick. James saw my interest and of course couldn’t pass an opportunity to show off. He looked away from me, shaking his cock, which by now was almost completely stiff. He played with it a little longer before he put it away, making as if nothing happened. Seeing that huge dick again started a reaction in my belly which quickly spread to my pussy. I could almost feel that dick entering me and my hips pushed forward involuntary.

I also dismounted, tied the reins around a tree and walked away from him. I wanted to pee also but at least behind a bush. I pulled my pants down and squatted to pee when I heard a movement. As I was about to get up, James came round the bush approaching me from behind. Before I could pull up my pants he had his arms around me, pressing his hard-on against my ass. “I’m sorry, but I could not let this opportunity pass” he said.

“You must be careful” I said as I tried to pull up my pants.

“No, wait” James held me with his left arm around me and his right hand shot down to my pussy. I expected it but I still cried out when he touched my pussy.

“I want you” he said as he tried to take out his cock.

“No, let’s go to the site first, when we get back, we can find a better place” The area was not comfortable and discomfort and pleasure do not mix well. Reluctantly, he put away his cock and I could get my pants on, hesitating, contemplating a quicky, but decided to wait a while and get a decent fuck. It was not easy because by now I was aroused to such an extent that I was trembling slightly. I squeezed his cock and promised him a good fuck.

We continued to the site, did what we came to do and mounted to go home. When we reached the river James asked if we are going to take a dip, obviously hoping for a similar opportunity to fuck. I declined, hoping to get home before Grant does so we can indulge in comfortable sex. When we reached the stables we turned the horses loose to graze and went up to the house. I asked James to help me moving a few items in the house in case one of the other workers should wonder why James was following me home. We hung the saddles etc in a little storeroom. James put his up first and when I stretched to hang mine up, he put his hand up my dress and rubbed my pussy. My legs buckled momentarily. He slid his hand inside my panty and cupped my pussy and then slid his finger up and down my very wet slit. I grabbed his cock, squeezed it and moved away, calling him to follow me to the house.

Inside, I locked the door behind us and headed straight to the spare room. James was already half naked when we reached the room. As he pulled down his pants, his cock was held down by the elastic and when released, jumped up and stood to attention, fully erect, a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. I was wet, hot and wanting, not even thinking of any consequence, only lust and how to satisfy this craving. I quickly pulled down my pants and stepped out of them.

James hugged me and kissed me, our first real kiss, and slowly rotating his hips to let his cock spread the wetness all over. He couldn’t hold the kiss for long, too eager to bury his cock in my wetness. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down my slit, holding it a little longer on my clit. Our breathing changed to hard, fast gasps, moaning and groaning as he pushed me onto the bed. He kneeled between my legs, took his cock and aimed for the entrance, pushed forward and entered my wet pussy. I cried out. He immediately clamped his hand over my mouth to limit the noise and slowly pushed his full length into me. It felt incredible, full, yet wanting more. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper, deeper, until all of a sudden, without the usual warning signs, a huge orgasm hits me. The noise that came from my mouth was more of a wail and again James had to shut my mouth with his hand. I covered my face with a pillow to stifle the noise.

“You are hot today” James said and pulled out almost all the way, then slowly push in again, teasing me.

“Faster, please. I want you to fuck me hard. You are teasing me since this morning, now you want to tease more.” I grabbed his ass to pull him in, lifted my hips, quickening the pace to force him to comply. Fortunately for me, he couldn’t hold back any longer and picked up the pace. I opened my legs wide to take full advantage of his huge cock, letting his pubic bone rub against my clit every time he bottoms out.

I looked down to where his cock pistons in and out of my pussy, glistening with pussy juice. It was such an erotic sight, the huge black cock entering my white pussy, and his black skin against the white of my skin, so much so that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“What do you see?” he asked.

“Your big cock inside my wet pussy”

“Do you like it?” he asked with a smile.

“Yes, very much, but you have to fuck me hard now, I’m going to come” I prodded him.

“I also want to come now” With that, he picked up the tempo again and furiously pumping away. Within a few seconds the feeling of great joy swept over me, my whole body tingling with excitement. I covered my face with the pillow and started screaming when the first wave of an orgasm washed over me. After the first few convulsions, James let out a soft roar, pushed all the way in and started shooting his load. I was just slowing down when the first spurt hit me, immediately intensifying my orgasm. Instead of a downward spiral, it turned into an upward spiral until I ran out of breath.

When the spasms subsided, James got up, wiped his cock with a few tissues, got dressed and with a final kiss, left me. He checked first if it was safe to exit, when he saw no one around, he left. I sat on the bed, cleaning the dripping cum as best I could, then go to the bathroom to clean myself. I put my dress on without bothering with underwear and went to the kitchen for a drink of water, standing in the kitchen door, leaning against the door frame, a lot of things going through my mind.

I saw Kenneth approaching from the pack store towards the tool shed next to the house. He lifted his hand to greet me and I waved at him. He entered the shed and started looking around for something but seems to be unable to find it. He came out and saw me still standing in the door, asked me if I know where the crimping tool was. I didn’t know but I went in to look for it. I checked the cupboards, bending down to check inside, when I straighten I found Kenneth on his knees, but not trying to find anything, he was staring at my ass. I realised that I was still without panties and that he probably saw my bare bottom. I scolded him for his forwardness, but he quickly saw through me and smiled. I squatted with knees apart, calling him to look inside the cupboard. He looked only once then turned his head to look at my exposed pussy. I allowed him to have a good look, seeing the bulge grow in his pants.

I stood up and he also stood up, his erection quite visible. I asked him to check on the opposite side on the racks while I squatted at the cupboard next to him. When I got up, I let my hand brush against his hard-on and what I felt there was not small. He squirmed but said nothing, instead rubbing his cock to indicate that he was in the mood for lovemaking. I didn’t want to let him fuck me although I was not untouched by his attention. I couldn’t blame him for his boldness because I instigated this behaviour.

I told him to ask James for the crimping tool, he should know where it is, and then turned to walk away. He called after me: “Mies”, I turned around to find him busy opening his fly.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I want to show you so you can like it” was his reply. He had his cock in his hand. Erect and about the same size as James’ cock, but a little thicker.

“What must I do with it?” I asked him. He came forward and pushed his hips in my direction, indicating that I must take his cock in my hand. “You are playing with fire” I said, then took his cock in my hand and stroked it a few times. Kenneth groaned and grabbed my hand, then tried to touch my pussy. I allowed him to touch it for a moment before I stopped him.

“Please Mies” he pleaded.

“No, Kenneth. We will get in trouble. Maybe another time” I turned and walked away, wishing that Grant was home already because my pussy was on fire. I just had time to shower and dress before I heard Grant coming back from town. He unloaded the stuff at the storeroom, took his time discussing matters with the workers before he came in and sat down with a cup of coffee.

“Did you get everything on the list” I asked him.

“Yes, except for the extra packing material that is on order. I will fetch it the day after tomorrow.” I feel a surge of excitement thinking that in two days I may have a chance with Kenneth. I crossed my legs to try and hide the tingling sensations between my legs.

“How was your day?” Grant asked me.

“Not too much excitement” I replied and sat down beside him on the couch.

“So you had some excitement?” he countered.

“Well, yes. More excitement for Kenneth than for me” I proceeded to tell him about Kenneth’s interest in me and his attempts to see my pussy, but I withheld the fact that I was flashing him, hence his interest.

“Don’t let the poor man suffer, give him an eyeful” Grant joked.

“Yea and then? What if he wants more than just looking?”

“You’re a big girl. You can handle it” he remarked.

“What am I supposed to handle” I asked, “his looking or what comes after the looking?”

“It will depend on how hot you are I suppose and how much his interest affects you” He put the ball back into my court. “You have James to handle and now Kenneth. Handle them any way you want as long as it doesn’t jeopardise our relationship or the running of the farm”

“Don’t worry; I have no intention of becoming their mattress.” I crossed my fingers as I said that, but he doesn’t have to know everything.

“So when you saw Kenneth’s attempt to look up your dress did you think about letting him?” he asked as he put his arm around my shoulders.

“I was tempted to see his reaction but I was afraid of the consequences” I lied.

“Did he get an erection?” he asked.

“Yes, and it seems like a huge one too” I said. Grant just smiled.

“So his interest affected you more than you want to acknowledge?”

“I suppose it did”

“Let me see how much” With that he drew me close and kissed me softly while feeling me up. When he moved my panties aside and dipped his finger inside he looked at me with a grin. “You are so wet”. All I could do was moan and squirm.

He got up, pulled me up by the hand and led me to the bedroom. We will have desert before supper, but I don’t mind. I’ve been looking forward to this for a few hours and I know it will be mind-blowing. Kenneth and James will have to wait their turn.