Written by Mrs. Lomos

08 Nov 2017

For Old Time’s Sake

I’m only two years away from the dreaded 40 and I’ve yet to find the reason why it’s called “dreaded”. I enjoy every day as I’ve done the past two decades, and as far as I can remember, the almost two decades since birth also, and I’m planning to enjoy the next two decades and what’s left of the rest of my life after that, Deo Volente. By enjoy, I don’t necessarily mean wild and with abandon, because I enjoyed many quiet moments with my family. We shared many adventures full of fun and laughter. My husband is one in a million, a family man par excellence.

Our children are all out of the house and we finally settled on the farm that I spent some of my childhood on. The farm belonged to my grandparents and that’s where we went during school holidays. We grew up with the children of the farm workers, learning their language and some of their traditions. We swam naked in the river and then play naked until it was time to go home. Later on in life we started to notice the differences between boys and girls and the sexual excitement that was caused by the exposure and also the discovery of forbidden knowledge.

During school terms, we lived in temporary accommodation because my dad worked on the drilling rigs and we moved a lot from site to site. We rarely came into contact with other children, so I grew up alone except for school holidays when we made up for the loss. When I was about twelve and starting to develop visibly, it became difficult to undress in front of all our playmates when we go for a swim, and some of the boys also developed noticeably. This was cause for a few jokes and a lot of teasing which made me acutely aware of the male genitalia. I would stare at it and see it grow into full erection knowing it to be forbidden knowledge, hence the excitement. One of the boys, James, noticed my interest and tried to show off at every opportunity, but also made sure that he gets an eyeful of my bare pussy. He was bigger than the others and also more mature. When we are in the water he will stay close to me and when we play he always made a point of it to catch me from behind and hold me for a few seconds rubbing his cock against my backside. I let him because it felt good.

This went on for the next few years. I was fourteen when I eventually managed the courage to touch his cock. We were on our way to the river to swim. On the way we passed a few donkeys that belonged to the workers. We spent many hours riding them. One of the jennies was in season and being serviced by the jack. James and I were ahead of the rest because they were playing and moving much slower. The jack mounted the jenny and we witnessed that huge cock entering the jenny’s pussy. We stood still and watched until the jack dismounted. I felt a stirring in my loins that I never before experienced. James commented on the size of the jack’s cock while my concern was for the jenny. How does that huge thing enter such a small opening?

I didn’t swim naked anymore but in my panties and a t-shirt. The black children and the younger white kids still swam naked. James was about 15 by then and quite big for his age, cock included. I was mesmerized by this dangling and sometimes rock hard black cock.

When we reached the river I took off my shorts and entered the water. The others were still a distance away. James stripped naked and jumped into the water right behind me, caught me from behind and pressed his cock against my bum. I could feel his erection. I reached back and took his cock in my hand. A thousand shivers ran down my spine and butterflies danced in my belly. He almost skewered me when I touched him. He cried out, pushed forward, and then moved away. “Are you also a donkey?” I asked him, referring to the size of his cock. “Yes”, he replied. “And you, are you also a donkey?” he returned the question. I just laughed and we continued to swim and play. Nothing more happened that day, but we were much more aware of our sexual awakening.

During the next term my grandparents sold the farm because they couldn’t make a living anymore. I was sad and cried for months afterwards. Every school holiday thereafter was a disaster until I met my husband. At the age of fifteen an apprentice started his training with my dad. He was 19 and also grew up on a farm. Their family farm was also sold later on. We got married after I finished school and moved to Transkei (Eastern Cape) and later to Botswana where my fascination with black cock and my interaction with the black workers became a fantasy during our lovemaking. I had a few encounters with black men which I enjoyed very much. Later on the fascination faded and we settled into a steady marriage with children and all that went with it.

We started saving to buy a place of our own when my husband gets promoted. Six months ago, my husband told me that he bought my grandparents farm. The guy who bought it from my grandfather wanted to move to the Western Cape and was willing to sell. The price was right and the deal was sealed. We moved in soon afterwards and settled in our new home.

The first day on the farm James came to the house to welcome the new owners, not knowing who they were. He remained on the farm and became a foreman. I was elated to see him again and he was so happy that he cried when he realized that his childhood friend is the new owner. I couldn’t be happier. I told my husband about our childhood fun afterwards, and our swimming sessions together and also the fact that James was the first to awaken my interest in black cock. Hubby was immediately interested to hear more and for the next few months this topic came up a lot and resulted in a few hot sex sessions. He wanted to know if I will renew my relationship with James to the same level as before. I must say that the thought crossed my mind and I told hubby so, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that we are not children anymore. We can’t be as carefree as we used to, should we, for instance, decide to swim half naked it may lead to more than just curiosity. The last time we swam together, curiosity more than lust made me touch his dick although I won’t deny that there was lust also. Hubby saw no problem with the fact that we are now a lot older and wiser, as a matter of fact he said that next time we swim naked, we ought to know what to do. Although the butterflies tickled my belly I was scared, I don’t want to jeopardize my current relationship with any of the workers.

We settled into an easy routine, building up the farm like we want it. Most of the cattle and sheep was included in the purchase, along with a few poultry and a pig sty with a few breeding sows and a huge boar. Even the donkeys were still there, but my favourite was the few horses, all trained under the saddle. I started riding the second day on the farm and almost daily after that. I enjoy a ride to the different camps to check on the sheep or the cattle, sometimes just a ride down to the river for a swim. Grant (hubby) accompanied me whenever he was available, sometimes I would accompany him on his rounds. It happened a few times that James and I did the rounds when Grant was busy with something else.

There will always be that special moment when I see the animals mating that I think back to years ago when I was still a young and curious girl and the fact that James are present doesn’t make it easier. I caught him once watching my reaction to one such an event where we started to experiment with a certain breed of bull. That night Grant had to suffer (or enjoy) the consequences.

About 6 or 7 months later James and I went looking at the fence on one of the borders. We tied the horses and climbed the last few meters to the fence on foot. We repaired a hole in the fence and walked a hundred or so meters along the fence when we heard the horses getting restless. We turned back and then saw the donkeys a distance away in the next camp. The reason for the horses getting exited was that the donkeys were mating and they must have smelled the jenny in heat. The moment we saw that, James turned to look at me with a smile. I turned around as if to walk away when he said: “We should go for a swim”. We both laughed about it but the awkwardness remained.

On our way back we had to cross the river and the idea of a swim seemed a good one. I stopped and dismounted, tying the horse to a nearby tree. I took off my shorts and walked into the water. James sat for a while not knowing if he should join me. When I looked up, he dismounted also and at once stripped to his underpants only. His cock was perfectly outlined through his briefs and semi erect. He jumped in and walked towards me. “May I hold you again like I did when we were young?” he asked. “If you want to, yes” I replied. He stood behind me and put his arms around me saying: “Before you ask, yes I am a donkey”. I felt his cock pressing against me and the desire to hold that cock was too much. The moment I touched it through his briefs he groaned. He took it out and wrapped my hand around it. He then reached to the front and rubbed my pussy for a few seconds, the pushed the elastic of my panty to one side and started to stroke my pussy with his finger. Before he could insert his finger I pulled away. “What are we doing?” I asked.

“I’m doing what I wanted to do a long time ago. You know that day when you touched me the first time; I was hoping that I can touch you also. It never happened, then you moved away and I was crying because I lost a good friend. Now you’re back and I’m happy, and I was hoping that I can get the opportunity to touch you as well.” He was almost sad when he said that and I knew that I felt the same.

“Touching is not the problem. What will happen after the touching?” I had to ask. I was already wet and eager to handle his cock again, but I was also scared, not so much about the sex, but because of the damage it can do to our relationship. I don’t want to become too emotionally involved and I also don’t want to mess with his feelings.

He laughed at my question and jokingly said: “You can be the female donkey and I will be the male donkey” The mention of the donkey had me trembling with anticipation. I reached for his cock and pulled the foreskin back. He tried to get out of his briefs, lost his balance and landed face down in the water. I jumped on him and started wrestling him while he was down. He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me clear and aimed a bite at my pussy. I yelped and wriggled myself free, losing my panties in the struggle. He caught me from behind and with his left hand holding me and his right hand searching for my slit. The wetness made his finger to slide up and down and then his finger disappeared into my pussy. I turned around to face him and put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his hips and with his hand under my buttocks he carried me out of the water and gently put me down on the grass. I took hold of his cock and stroked it for a while. He then pushed me onto my back and slowly entered me. I was so hot, I moaned loudly when he entered me. I wrapped my legs around him and lifted my hips to take him all the way.

I wanted this for a very long time and I was going to enjoy every moment. He fucked me slowly at first, then faster and faster until us both cried out when we reached the peak. We looked each other in the eye, my mouth open, moaning softly while an incredible orgasm washed over me. Just as my orgasm subsided, James shot his load with a loud groan. The first jet of come was only a warning for the second and the third. Never before have I felt such strong jets of cum inside of me. I came again, this time so strong that I forgot to breathe and almost suffocated. I gasped a few times while James pushed as deep as possible to spill even the last drop of cum in me. He didn’t pull out but instead continued to pump slowly, cum spilling down my legs and running down the valley onto my ass. I was quite drained and satisfied but the erotic effect remained. With his slow pumping, James didn’t allow his cock to completely go limp, but kept it hard enough so as not to slip out, but now it started to harden again. “Do we have time for more?” I asked.

“Yes, I don’t want to stop now” he said.

“I know you don’t want to stop and neither do I, but we have to be careful” I reminded him.

“I will be careful but I don’t want this to end” He pushed his cock deeper to confirm emphasize his statement.

“There will be another opportunity, this is not the last” I assured him. He smiled a happy smile when he heard that and increased the speed of his thrusts. The thought of more wild fucks triggered my next orgasm. I took up the rhythm and again wrapped my legs around him. When the orgasm hit me I grabbed him around the neck and buried my face in the nape of his neck, gasping, whimpering and moaning. With a mighty groan James shot his second load in my overflowing pussy. I kept him locked between my legs until both our spasm subsided. We slowly got up and slid into the water to wash. It felt like a dream came true.

We separated with me going back to take another road home to allow my clothes to dry and James heading home. I know it will be difficult to stay away from each other when we are around others, but I already have a plan to change a few tasks so that we can spend more time together. I will have to tell Grant when the time and the mood is right.