19 Aug 2016

It was several years ago now, but when I was 19 I spent my holidays with an older women.

I'd met her in a chatroom, flirting a little, and I found out she lived in a town not far from me. We exchanged numbers and sent a few texts back and forth, nothing too rude, but enough to get me interested.

So, a few weeks later I found myself alone in a hotel room , very near her place after an unsuccessful attempt to get my end away (another story), when up popped a sms from my text buddy. I was feeling brave, so I called her up. The conversation began innocently enough, telling each other general stuff about ourselves, but then it began to get dirtier and dirtier until I ended up wanking like a champion whilst she told me how she was sucking on her nipples and stroking her pussy. I ended up laying with streams of cum up my stomach and a cock hard enough to hang a towel on. We made a date to meet up the following night.

So we met up, and she was stunning. She was nicely dressed, not slutty, but you could tell she had a killer figure. We chatted, I found out she was 22 years older than me and a single mother of two teenage children. We left the pub and went for a walk , her hanging off my arm. We sat down on a bench, and I began nuzzling her ear. She giggled and leaned into me, her hand running up my thigh and across the front of my jeans, where my cock was getting rather obviously stiff. I slipped a hand inside her blouse and caressed her breasts and teased her nipples hard.

We were a bit too out in the open for comfort and it was still quite a light evening, so we walked over to a wooded area in the park (although this didn't offer much more cover!) and lay down, where upon she proceeded to take her jeans off, pull out my cock (which by this time was rock hard) and began to ride me like it was the last fuck she would ever have. I'm certain that all the dog walkers got a helluva sight that evening, but at the time I really didn't give a fuck!

Afterwards, we went our separate ways and made arrangements to meet again when her kids were staying with their dad. So, a few weeks later I pulled up outside her house, and she opened the door wearing a tight white vest top and short denim skirt. Simple, but she looked absolutely phenomenal. As soon as she closed the door we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We spent about ten minutes at the foot of the stairs kissing and stroking each other.

Eventually I followed her upstairs, still fondling her amazing ass (clad in a pair of tiny white panties) and to her bedroom. We stood facing each other and began kissing again, this time undressing each other. She had an amazing figure for her age, and her breasts hung beautifully. I'll never forget standing butt naked in front of her whilst she wore only those tiny white panties, pulling on my hard cock, the tip rubbing against her flat stomach.

Once I'd adorned her bedroom floor with those panties, we fucked like there was no tomorrow. She rode me, we switched round, we tried all sorts of positions. When I went down on her to taste her pussy, she squirmed and writhed underneath me, thrusting her pussy at me and begging me to let her cum, until I finally relented and she exploded in my mouth.

An admission: up until a few months previously, I was a fully paid-up member of the Virgin club, and had never gone down on a woman. When I admitted as such afterwards she wouldn't believe it; however, having been an avid reader of everything from first-aid manuals to gardening books and everything else in between, I had picked up a few tips on how to make a woman scream. It pays to read, people!

I have several fond memories of that summer, including that of sitting back on her sofa smoking a cigarette whilst she pulled my cock out of my boxers and slowly jerked me off, and arriving at her house after work another evening to find her in her dressing gown, originally stating that she didn't want sex, only to end up laying on top of me, her hand down between us around my cock rubbing it against her clit. After that I flipped her over, put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her frenziedly on her sofa until I shot what seemed like gallons of cum into her wet, tight pussy.

Unfortunately I missed out on threesomes with her and a friend of hers on more than one occasion, due to having gone back to university and getting into long-term relationships. A few years later she told me how they used to go out and take men home and have blowjob competitions. I would have been so up for that! However, as smart phones became the norm we swapped texts where we would record ourselves as we masturbated and send the sound files to each other. I kept those for a long, long time...