Written by surferbae

03 Dec 2014

so our first summer foam party 2014..... once again myself and my bf went out for drinks not realising what the venue was hosting so dressed in jeans and tanktop we first enjoyed many drinks and at one stage my bf was at the bar when a group of student aged guys surounded me possibly thinking im single... flurting nonstop i could see my bf keeping his distance first knowing how i love to be a tease.... so i was given some shooters and was asked to come dance with them i said no way im getting my jeans all soaked in foam ....the response offcourse well take them off surely you have a bikkini on being a foam party and all.. i teasingly lifted my shirt over my bra and said sorry no bikkini guys.... they where stunned buy my guts to show them my bra i was imediatly being told no one will realise its a bra so i said its noy my concern its my jeans theyre expensive ones and im not messing them up... so i was asked what do have on under them if its anything like your bra no one will know... so it was fairly dark your bottom half is mostly under the foam so i was allready kindoff keen... my bf at this time joined the circle of guys introduced himself etc. so i was even more confident and after one said come on lets dance i loosened my jeans and slowly wiggled them down the guys where staring in ore... this turned me on and my heary was beating franticly they where all as excited anf one guy picked me up over the baricade keeping the foam on the dance floor.. they all followed..... all the time i was pretty much surrounded wit the guys all rotating so that another gets a chance to dance and rub themselves against me from behind offcourse.... i could feel some being semi erected and jit felt sooooooooo good even my bf was aroused ....at one stage when the foam was just above my chest the guy behind me slipped his hand over my breasts under my shirt and bra in a single move witout thinking i pushed back and feeling his hardon drove me wild his hand moved straight down over my tummy and slid right under my panties over my lips and his fingers found my clit in notime her fingered me what felt like 10 minutes probly was 2mins and without evert managed to get gis cock in me from behind as he entered me i realised the foam was residing slowly so i pushed beck on him hard once or twice and then let go of him... let him stop so we all caried on dancing so i staryed my game everytime the foam picked up i would let the guys touch me and me them some of them i made the first move othwrs had not waste a sec. my bf offcourse would dance infront off me knowing that the guy behind me was rubbing my pussy or breasts i doubt he realised some of them actually had their dicks inside me right there...... anyways that was so much fun im not going t blabbet every bit of detail and how it all ended for i need to go work now to aal you sexy young guys out in december if theres foam lookout for me you might get lucky