Written by Ordinary_Sexual

23 Apr 2018

Met a couple late thirties for drinks last week and we clicked socially. Had a blast over craft beers at a local pub in my area.

He’s slim & an extrovert who I can see myself partying with til early morning hrs. She’s full figured and slightly reserved & the type I’ll sit with over drinks and chat about most topics.

Thurs eve they come to my place. I’m wearing black lingerie & lace panties, but 1st put jeans and top over it. I’ve put out some snacks & drinks & put music on in background.

She’s wearing a tight black dress with heels, but the heels come off immediately. Drinks in hand I say “ I’ll make you more comfortable & I take my clothes off just standing in the lingerie. Her dress comes off and she’s wearing tight red lingerie. He follows suit until he only has his tight briefs on.

All 3 of us move closer and we kiss each other.

We move to the bedroom where I’ve Layed towels down, lube, wipes. He puts the condoms close by.

We get naked slowly as we kiss. Her mouth small and her tongue hiding back in her mouth. I’m unsure if she likes feeling a tongue swirling in her mouth, so I gently kiss her and only touch the inside of her mouth with my tongue. He comes to stand behind me and starts feeling my pussy with his fingers.

I tell her to lie down for me. I spread her pussy and start flicking and sucking on her very small clit. He starts playing with me with me and I get wetter.

What turns me on about swinging is not necessarily the fucking...it’s actually seeing people so into it with no boundaries, seeing each other enjoy themselves and encouraging it...that’s what turns me on. I get turned on seeing them fuck, hearing the sex sounds, seeing and hearing the woman moan with lust and pleasure..not because he’s making her cum, but because she loves seeing him make me cum.

He steadies himself behind me and enters my pussy. He starts fucking me, I grab her thighs and as he thrusts forward I pull her back so that the motion basically makes me fuck her pussy with my mouth without having to move my head myself.

Her moans and the sound of his cock fucking me and the feeling of it is a turn on. I thrust back on his cock wanting him to really give it to me, & he does.

He stops and I start rubbing her clit and wet slit. Inserting 1 to 2 fingers I thrust inside her while he gives her his cock in her mouth. We play like this for a while until we take a break to refresh drinks.

He licks my Clit while rubbing my gspot while she has her face close to see and she loves it. I love how open she is and shares.

They make me lie down and he fucks her from behind while she has her mouth over my it again. He and I lock eyes from time to time, we both like watching people’s faces during sex and we mention it as well while we’re in this 3 way. When he starts fucking het fast & hard she can’t concentrate on me as she cums and I’m watching his body working behind her. I start rubbing my clit as he fucks her very hard while her face is between my legs, her heavy panting and moaning making warm breaths on my Pussy as she cums.

He lies down and we both suck him for a while. He tells me to get on his face and I go into 69 while she sucks him. He sucks on my clit and I gyrate and move my pussy over his mouth. All 3 of us moan and she and I kiss in between her sucking his cock. I get close and I can feel my juices running either into his mouth or over his mouth.

He tells her to sit on him. I lie next to them and watch her ride him while he kisses me & she fingers me while doing so.

We take a break again and he brings the double sided dildo. Again he fucks her from behind while she’s fucking me with the dildo and I’m rubbing my clit. It feels so good and I can feel my squirt building up and she fucks me fast with the dildo and she cums when he fucks her fast & hard. I tell her not to stop on me as I’m close. I can feel myself gush over the dildo.

He also fucks me very hard from behind with her standing next to him, she’s encouraging him to fuck me good & tells him to spank my ass. A woman right up my ally.

We get dressed & chat a while still before they leave.