Written by Ordinary_Sexual

21 Nov 2017

So I've done quite a few FMF'S & MFM'S & FMFM'S etc over the years, so not new. I'd say I prefer one on one good lovers above group sex as it's more intimate, but the odd group sex makes you feel like a minx from time to time.

This story is more to show people that we are all the same, what you see on porn is not reality, that not all experiences leave you high like the 1st time you took that narcotic....reality VS fantasy

This couple is in every way one of the best couples I've met. She is sexy, tall, sexual. He is attractive and both have great personalities and humour. I enjoy their company. We met over a month ago for supper. And finally Sat we had a play date. They also have no rules which suit me perfectly.

We have drinks and laugh. She finally takes her jeans and top off and low and behold she has the same black lingerie on as me! I show them...look...we're wearing the same!

We are on the bed and she and I kiss...tender kisses. She says to him "mmm she kisses so good". She cups my breasts out of my lingerie and sucks on my nipples. Saying she loves my breasts.

She pushes me down on my back, while he watches us. My hand finds her pussy and I rub her over her panties. I can feel her pussy lips slightly parting so I can feel her slit open and clit protruding....a good sign.

She takes my panties off and asks him to bring her tongue stud. She licks my clit and i do get wet. The tongue stud does not really feel all that good. It feels a bit too hard on my small clit. She inserts her fingers in me and 1st slowly finger fucks me while licking me. Him kissing me deeply and sucking my nipples. She goes harder and deeper. Every few strokes deep and swirling her fingers around.

Then suddenly..."oh shit babes you're bleeding" her fingers have blood on it. I get up and clean off and she washes her hands, come back saying she should lie back and we'll wait for my "injury" to subside.

She has a lovely pussy. I lick and suck on her clit, my middle finger feeling the spongy gspot and in quick rhythm I rub her gspot almost in a left to right motion while licking and sucking on her. She doesn't get wet but she moans and her stomach jerks a few times. I am not sure if she came, but it could be judging from the body jerks she gave.

I bend over and take his cock in my mouth and suck him hard. Her fingers find my clit again and I've stopped bleeding. I gyrate on her finger while sucking him.

Again she wants me on my back and he fingers me while she rubs my clit and sucks on my nipples. I do warn him not to go too hard..just now I bleed again. He licks me and his flat tongue rubs over my clit. He makes me Cum twice and it feels so good. We can hear I'm close to squirting, but I've pushed too hard and it subsides.

We lie chatting on the bed. She gets a drink and tells me that the injection just dries her out and it drives her insane! She used to get so wet.

I also did not get as wet as I can, unsure how much they actually enjoyed it.

It could also have been my mental state...as just that morning I was filled with hate and loathing toward someone who just days before again told me he'd love to see me again and weeks before that he'll always miss me and I'll always be a part of him...until that morning when he pushed a kinfe into my back again, the real him came out again...the never ending patterns of his behaviour. This person suddenly becoming unattractive to me, the thought of his cock and tongue once making me squirt and my heart skip beats and my love showing in my love making, never changing in that 2yrs, now making my skin crawl at the thought of how he is and always will be, convincing himself what he feels ans does for a period of time is accwptable ....and that he was inside me for years. The marks on his body and face I once traced with my fingertips and his eyes I once stared into, now makes my chest close up and the knife turning inside it. I close my legs, as if he's close to me, telling me lies again, like I'm trying to keep him away from my body. My urge to cum replaced by the self disgust. to All I see now is the devil himself...and I don't want him to touch me ever again