Written by Anonymous

18 Mar 2019

On Friday I decided to get lunch from a new shop that just opened about 5 minutes away from my workplace.

Greeted by this very sexy lady in a short summers dress , nice big boobs and a very sexy ass...

I made a comment about her nails looking nice to which I got a reply that they feel nice too...

So after a few minutes of flirting I said that I must go ,she then gave me my till slip with her number on.

So I get back to the office and we start chatting on whatsapp .

Lots of flirting , she then said If I'm free that afternoon I should come see what she's got on under that dress.

She locks up on her own and we would have a few minutes alone .

Did not need a second invite and was back there 20 minutes before closing time. She helped the last customer and then locked the door behind them .

Walked back to me and said I should follow her behind the counter .

I then stood behind her and she pushes her ass onto my rock hard cock and grids slowly , letting out a soft moan .

My hand around her feeling her sexy boobs , nipples hard inbetween my fingers .

I then slide one hand up her leg and feel her pussy from behind, panty warm and moist .

She unzips my jeans and starts stroking my cock still facing away from me ...

All of this while people walk past the shop , sure they could see us if they took a look inside.

I then slide her panty to the side and start finger fucking her wet pussy , dress pulled up and I have this view of her sexy ass from behind . All the time while she pretends to be doing something on the counter .

I finger her for about 2 minutes and she lets out this deep moan while she cums , juices now down her legs and her shaking from the orgasm while I keep rubbing her clit.

She turns around and goes down on her knees and starts sucking my cock , said we only have a few minutes and she wants to taste my cum before going home.

Sucking and playing with my balls it takes no time for me to shoot my warm cum into her mouth , she takes all of it and licks my shaft clean before standing up.

When she lets me out there was someone waiting outside for her, not sure if it's brother or Bf but she pretends I was a supplier and said , she you next week and thank you for the delivery ...

Can't wait for lunch time...