Written by orangeswing

08 Dec 2014

After many weeks of work without play during lunch hour, Stephane, Eric and I met up at Stephane's flat yesterday. Eric's wife Celine and Stephane's wife Claudine were there. Celine's three months pregnant, very horny and has always enjoyed a healthy apetite for cock. Claudine has been in a bit of a low sex drive trend lately and Stephane needed us to help cure that!!!

Arriving at the apartment, I met Eric and Celine in the car park, we greeted each other warmly and got up to the flat. Stephane buzzed us in and we soon got comfortable. A glass of red wine to take the edge off. Soft music in the background. Claudine wore a business suit with wasit coat/top/skirt and Celine wore jeans with a loose fitting top. Stephane had his eyes set on Celine and just moved in behind her while we stood at the bar, sipping our drinks. His crotch in her butt and his hands roaming her abdomen, his mouth found her neck and face from behind. Celine's hands dropped to her sides, resting on his thigh area, a sign of encouragement.

Eric and I decided to play with Claudine. Eric did to her what Stephane(her hubby) was doing to his wife Celine. I decided there was no time to waste, so I went to my knees before Claudine and helped her out of her skirt while Eric removed her clothing higher up. Her tong pulled to one side, kissed her pussy opening my mouth and snaking my tongue over her clit, labia and dragged it over her entrance. Claudine groaned her satisfaction, while Eric cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples, his mouth seducing hers!

Stephane had moved Celine to the coffee table, seating her, standing between her spread legs. His cock free and trousers down to his ankles he stripped off his shirt while, Celine began nursing his cock. Such a beautiful sight watching her with pregnant belly, willfully accepting another man's cock and feeding on it like her life depended on it. She gave Eric a real show sucking Stephane's cock.

I could now taste Claudine. Her pussy rapidly moistening, I gave her a sucking and tongue fucking that made her weak at the knee. Eric, applied pressure to her shoulder, forcing her down. He put his cock to her mouth and worked it quickly throat deep, before letting her suck it. I went round the other side and got on my back head under her. I sucked her pussy with a finger probing her ass. Eric then came behind, straddled me and I licked her clit while millimeters away, his cock slowly drove home, locking up into her cervix. I held her butt cheeks apart, giving him easier access and so he could all but shove his balls inside her. We had Claudine moaning while her insides got raked out and her clit stimulated orally. She orgasmed, with Eric fucking her through it. Then I pulled her lower, towards my cock, Eric removed his cock, allowing her pussy to take my cock. He spat over her asshole and slowly plunged his wet cock inch by inch into her asshole. Claudine got her ass and pussy reamed out until she orgasmed again....this time, me flooding her ovaries, Eric filling her asshole with baby juice. Claudine could only bite her bottom lip while she felt two cocks splitting her down below. We broke her into a sweat.

On the other side, Celine held the coffee table while she got her pussy doggy fucked. Her moans with Stephane thrusting gently but making sure she felt him deep, clearly demonstrated intense sensations. On my side, having cum, I withdrew and removed my throbbing cock from below Claudine. Eric still dicking her ass, I held her chin and put a semi solid wet cock into her mouth, which she sucked like a porn star. Sometimes she'd suck. Sometimes I'd hold her chin and jaw and fuck her mouth like it was her wet pussy! Eric got her grunting from the cock working her asshole and those verbal sound bites did wonders for my cock getting oral attention. I pulled from her mouth and went round the back. Eric withdrew from her asshole and I replaced his cock. We shared her ass this way, prolonging her anal sensations, depriving ourselves of release.

Stephane groaned as he filled Celine's pussy with semen. She did too as he flicked her clit while he finished off, forcing her to orgasm with him. I needed to cum. I filled Claudine's ass with my spunk, followed in quick succession by Eric. Stephane sat on the couch and Celine dropped her head in his lap, savouring the last offerings of his cock. Her pussy in view, semen slowly falling to the floor. Eric and I wiped off our cocks and got Claudine to suck us back to full mast. That done, we went over to Celine. Gave her a fucking by sharing her pussy, one dick at a time. Made her moan and groan the place down, fucked her through an orgasm with Claudine flicking Celine's clit for us while we gave her pussy an internal massage. Celine came hard and Stephane came in her mouth at the same time. Claudine's mouth once again provided a soothing end.

Stephane and Claudine went off to shower together. Eric and I wiped off Celine's pussy and ass, kissed her from either side on the couch. Our hands roamed her body, our mouths sucked and savoured her breasts and nipples. If it wasn't time to get back to work, we'd have probably fucked her again. We all left once Claudine and Stephane rejoined us. We kissed the ladies. We love and respect them within our group, but damn, we do fuck them like it was a sport....and I don't think they want it any other way!