Written by Kinkybimilf

24 Aug 2015

After weeks of searching on the site, we found what seemed to be the perfect couple! Finally!

The plan was simple, meet at  bar, have a few drinks and see how it goes! No pressure.

The bar was dark, smokey and a little dingy, we arrive first, slightly nervously we smashed 2 beers each quickly,  her phone rang, " we are about 10 minutes away!"  " I'm wearing a red T shirt" said the guy. " We at the bar" was her  reply.

They arrived, introductions made, drinks ordered , her big firm boobs were our focus. They were spectacular!

Drinks flowed, conversation was easy and flowing like the beers. Lunch came and went, a casual platter, and us 4 ate like old friends. 

"Let's get the bill?" "Split it 50/50, and go have drinks at your Charlotte ( chalet). The booze had done it's job,.....

Driving to the chalet we chatted, she liked the couple so did I!  Quickly we unpacked,  and sat outside, enjoying the view of the bush and the dam in front of the chalet. The conversation was fun, sexy and light hearted. We all knew it was going to happen, when was the question. Let's call the other lady, V, said to me, " go inside and take your jeans off!" I did, she did the same, long shirts covered our wet pussies.  Soon we were drinking shooters,  lots of shooters, sweet tasty shots. At some stage, body shots were mentioned by V,  she gently pushed me down on the bench, filled my little belly button with booze, that over flowed over my tummy towards my pussy, and licked it up! The next thing I knew I was naked, my man kissing me as V kissed and licked my throbbing nipples. In a blur two mattresses were put in front of the fire,  a fire was lit and the mood became incredibly sexy ....

As we settled down on the mattresses,  V kissed me, trailing kisses down my neck to my small firm boobs,  my nipples hardened as her lips closed around them. Her fingers were rubbing between my legs, my core was on fire, my pussy was sopping wet as she moved lower towards my pussy.  Slowly she kissed the top of my slit, deliberately teasing me, I arched my hips towards her mouth and tongue, finally she opened my pussy and licked the length of my wetness! I shuddered and moaned, her talented tongue found my clit and she sucked it gentle, pure bliss. She was in no rush,  she carried on at her own pace, the pressure on my clit was magic, sliding a finger into me make me squirm an pull her hair towards my pussy. I could see my man smiling at me as he sipped a beer, his arousal evident from the huge bulge in his shorts, casually he lit a smoke and winked at me. He smoked, sipped his beer and rubbed his crotch.  Her talented tongue was fantastic, slowly he stood, looked at the other guy and he nodded, my man finished his smoke, dropped his shorts and walked around behind V. Slowly .he rubbed her back and butt,  constantly looking at me. A pearl of pre cum glistened on his hard cock,  he wiped it onto his fingers, leant over V and put his fingers in my mouth. He tasted like more.....

After I'd licked his fingers, he gently pushed them into V,  I felt her shudder on my clit.  " She is so tight" he groan as his fingers slipped into her, I could hear how wet she was as his fingers pumped slowly back and forth into her pussy!  She kept working my clit and pussy as my man fingered her, I watched him stroke his cock, spread her pussy lips and he buried his  cock deep into her! V made the series moans as he pounded her from behind,  cute , soft moans escaped her lips as she sucked me! Watching him shag her was sexy, what happened next even sexier.  The other guy stood above me, pulled out his big cock,  and he eased it into my mouth! Filling my mouth with his cock, I was in heaven,  my pussy tingled my clit throbbed and pulsed against V's tongue.

As my man shagged V , their rhythm matched in her licking,  I tried to match it on his cock,  sucking his cock as I fondled his balls made him moan, I wanted to feel every inch of his shaft! He pushed deep into my mouth, my orgasm built, I felt a mini orgasm erupt from my pussy.     Suddenly, my man stopped, pulled out, and stood up, V stopped, he lifted her up and said, "let's have a smoke?" Sitting together her hand stroking his cock, his fingers in her pussy, they casually smoked, The other guy flipped me onto my hands and knees , licked my pussy quickly and slammed his cock into me! It filled me completely!  As he pounded, I could hear the other 2 chatting, suddenly wack,  a spank on my butt made me squeal in delight as his balls slapped against my clit,  his hands in my hair pulling as he thrust deeper still into me!  As they smoked he pulled out, and started fingerings me hard, I could hear my wetness, the other 2 discussed it in lusty tones! Turning I watched her take my man's shaft and squeeze, she stroked a drop of pre cum to the tip of his cock, she looked me in the eye as she dip her head and licked the glistening drop! Slightly envious I wished it was me! She then dropped between his knees and started sucking his cock with gusto,  she is a great cock sucker I thought , judging by his facial expression! She was teasing me and I loved it! Almost as much as I was loving having my pussy fingered hard and deep by a man I'd just met! Her mouth engulf his shaft, long slow movements up and down as he sipped his beer and lit  smoke! I knew he enjoyed a beer and bj at the same time, so I moved so I could join her!  She sucked his cock and I licked and sucked his balls as he drank and smoked! Between licks, V and I kissed, tongues exploring then back to his cock!

He took her face in his hands, whispered something to her, she stood, straddled his manhood and slide down his shaft, deep in her, he took my head and pulled it between her legs, I knew what they wanted. I licked from his balls up her slit! She tasted great! Finding her clit ,  my focus entirely on it, I licked and sucked her love button like my life depended on it, she rocked her hips, guided my mouth to where she wanted it. The other guy got behind me again and jammed his big cock into me! Spanking my ass harder he fucked me, I licked and sucked, oblivious to the world! V moved faster,  bucking and grinding,  we were all close! My man pulled my head against her pussy, she came, sweet nectar run down his balls, I licked, he pulled his big cock out her pussy and came too, shooting hot seed into my waiting mouth,  spraying deep in me and up her tummy, coating her gorgeous tits with cum! I licked it all up!

Spent the 4 of collapsed on the mattress, soaked in sweat and cum! Hands , who's hands I don't know! Explored and touched! We will carry on someone murmured . .........