20 Apr 2017

Well i have always had this urge to fuck in public , might be the idea of getting caught ............ i really dont know.So i was

driving down to Cape Town for work, and planned to return after about 3 days.Hearing about my return trip a friend of

a friend asked if i would mind giving his brothers girlfriend a lift back to Joburg, she had visited family down there.I initially

thought it would be a bad idea, but agreed to it at the end.So we arranged that i will leave the wednesday and return the

friday , where i will pick her up and bring her with.I left the wednesday, got to Cape Town , did everything i needed to do ,

and the thursday evening i messaged the lady to arrange the pick up spot etc.Friday morning came and i picked her up ,

and we were en-route,destination Joburg.She was a petite coloured girl , but from first sight my cock twitched of lust.

We made normal small talk on the way , with me struggling to catch a glimpse or two of her legs , her titties.I was mesmerized

by those titties , the small perky type,thinking in my mind how i would suck on them.When we hit beaufort west we were chatting like old friends , like we knew each other for years.All of a sudden she starts talking about more personal stuff , i like.... i like......By now im so horny that i can smell and taste her pussy already , so horny was i at the moment.I took a chance

and told her that she is has a incredible body , where she replies that i should see it naked to fully appreciate it.First thing on

my mind are those titties, i ask her to show them to me , she then lifted her shirt and bra , exposing them , they were less than

a hand full with long hard nipples.I immediately touched one , pinching her nipple between my fingers , feeling how they get harder.From her titties i moved straight down to her leg and rubbed her inner thigh , she automatically started openingher legs giving me a great view of her undies , i pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her pussy , took my hand back , licked my fingers and stuck them right up there , took them out and tasted her , that was one of the best tasting pussies ive ever encountered.She zipped my jeans open and took my cock out , jerking away.Now i had to decide between

playing with her pussy , or getting a blowjob while driving ,i did not want to leave that pussy but by walls were aching by

now with her furiously jerking me off.She went down tomy lap,teasing my dick with her tongue , i begged her to suck it , she then put it in her mouth and gave me a amazing blowjob.I wanted to fuck her so i stopped at one of those roadside picnic areas , tried to find a tree to park behind , and she jumped on my lap , it was nice , but space in a singlecab bakkie is limited ,

so i said we should go to the back of my bakkie , i opened the tailgate , made her sit and pointed my dick to that perfect dark pussy , i wanted to see it go in there.I started fucking her , she made the most amazing noises,as my balls hit her pussy

her juice was everywhere , she was incredibly wet.We fucked for about 15 mins in which she came twice , by this time my pants on my ankles , furiously thrusting away in that perfect wet coloured pussy.I felt my cumshot coming and she said she wants it in her , and i did , it was one of my biggest shots ever , i left my dick in her pussy to make sure i pump every last bit of it in there.We got ourselves decent and got back in the bakkie , acting if nothing has happened.She at one stage still joked about my cum still coming out of her pussy onto the seat.As we reached joburg i dropped her at the arrange place and went my seperate way ,and when i got home i had to make a plan with the cum / pussy juice stain on my passenger seat.The smell made me want to go back and nail fuck her again.I thought to myself that i will give her a lift anytime should they ask again,and the encounter has me mad about couloured or even indian girls.Would eat those dark pussies anyday

of the week.