Written by Kobie22

26 Feb 2015

My first time exploring interracial...

I just started at my new job and met an older african cleaning lady at the office, I was 23 and she 47, we started chatting from the word go about everything in life, she then started to come and sit by me if her work is finished.

I started to notice after that when I wasn't looking she would stare at my crotch, that made me kind of horny, after a while I thought let's try to take this to the next step. When I knew her work was nearly finished I would unzip my pants and sit in a position that she would be able to see inside the fly. The first time I just saw her eyes grow bigger but we both said nothing, the following time I decided to wear no underwear and see her reactions, she came in as normal and we started to chat, knowing she is looking I got extremely hard, she then made an excuse of wanting to take out my dustbin which is next to me, she came and bent down but her head was looking straight into my fly that's open. After that things calmed down.

I made up a plan to bring sex into the conversations, teasing her that an older white gentleman also working with us is after her body. She made a casual joke that she wouldn't mind doing a white guy. I nearly screamed - do me do me. We started talking about penises and I mentioned that mine isn't all white as it's darker than the rest of my skin and I have a white spot on it . She then asked if she could maybe see it. I closed my office door to show her the white spot on my limp dick, I couldn't believe I was showing my dick to her at last, I asked her if she ever touched a white dick before she said no, and was hesitant to touch mine only using two fingers and said oh I see, now put it away, as it was slowing getting erected. I put it in my pants and told her now I'm stuck with a problem as it's showing through my pants. She then placed her hand on the outside and gave it a gentle rub, I took her hand and placed it inside my pocket where she started to rub more and more, we were then interrupted by fellow office staff that came back but luckily we saw them through the window.

Things went quiet for a couple of months, till one evening, we use to have alcohol in one of the cupboards at work and I asked her if she wanted to have a drink after work when everybody left, she said yes so i decided tonight it's now or never, I made sure she had more to drink than me. after we never finished the bottle we started talking about sex again, me like always got an erection, she saw that and smiled. I said I always wanted to feel a black lady's breast and slowly started to grope them, she made no objection and started to rub my hard-on through my pants. I slowly slipped my hands under her blouse and played with her breasts, taking them out of her bra. She unzipped my pants and took my dick out and slowly started to stroke it, I never saw black nipples in front of me before, so I went to town on them sucking and licking them slowly. She then bent down and started slowly sucking me off, till today it was one of the best orgasms I ever had. She didn't want to have sex as it was getting late and her kids were home alone. Well we never did anything after that again and never spoke about it either even though I wanted to do more. I left the company after a couple of months.

So there is my first experience ever, hope you guys like it and have similar experiences.