Written by Graham_Elliot

11 Dec 2013

My lady Clarice & I have been married for some time, over 20 years, and she has always been very straight laced and shy, prim even, when it comes to sex. Whenever I tried to suggest any kind of swinging she would bristle and become agitated..."aren't I good enough for you?" I tried explaining that I wanted to spice things up a bit - whose married life sex does not get a bit same old same old after the years pass by? - and that I wanted to see her getting enhanced pleasure too. Deep down though, when I suggested these things while we were busy fucking, she would writhe a bit harder and I thought underneath the facade the idea might appeal to her. On the occasions when I managed to get her to watch porn, I could sense that the MMF action was what turned her on the most.

So when the evening came when I saw everything could come together, I was ready to take it to the next level. We were out to dinner in a small new restaurant in Nelspruit and at an adjoining table was a single guy I'd knew vaguely at the gym, never much more than a passing nod as we switched machines though. He seemed to be enjoying his dinner and a bottle of wine was at his elbow, almost done. I love my wines, and always take my own to restaurants, so this evening I had two bottles of really good red along with me. I greeted Bob (not his real name of course) and asked how the food was. We chatted briefly - then placed our orders. I noticed Bob pour the remaining dregs from his bottle into his glass, so offered him a top up from my own supply. We chatted some more and discovered we both had the same interests, the usual sport, fishing and especially wine & whisky. He moved across and joined our table, and Clarice was warming to his company, though at this stage I was not thinking anywhere along the lines of a 3-some. However later, while we were finishing off the last of my bottles of wine, desert was cleared and the waiter told me they did not have a decent single malt scotch, Clarice said: Why don't you invite Bob around for a nightcap and cup of coffee? We'd ascertained that he lived only a block away from us, and our home was on his way home too. Bob at first tried saying he had to get up early, but I pressed him and he agreed: "Just a quick one then!"

Well, once we were at home Bob became quite excited at the array of Scotch I had in my cabinet, and soon the "just one" was into the third, and then fourth... Clarice had excused herself, and gone off to shower. Now the whisky was talking, and Bob murmured...you have a sexy wife, very hot. Now Clarice carries a few extra kilos as most girls in the 50s do, and is no longer a hot 20 or 30 year old, but she's always turned heads with her long blonde hair and pretty face. I thanked Bob and felt a stirring in my loins...could things happen?

I popped out to the bathroom and suggested Clarice join us for a last drink when she was done...and 10 minutes later she reappeared in her dressing gown, though there was no hiding the fact she had nothing on beneath it.

I poured her a Scotch and she settled on the couch, and in doing so her gown slipped open showing a bit of her inner thighs. I saw Bob shift position to get a better view, and gave him a knowing wink. He smiled slightly...then commented that he'd noticed Clarice rubbing her neck earlier, and that he was an excellent masseur and would she like him to do her neck for her? She looked at me and I nodded, so she said thanks and Bob moved into position alongside & behind her on the couch. Of course, to massage her neck properly he had to slip the gown over her shoulders. Clarice tried to keep her modesty and held the gown up above her boobs, but after a few minutes of massage her eyes were closed in bliss, and the next thing, her boobs, rather large with lovely nipples, were totally exposed. I saw Bob start to extend his massage from the neck and shoulders onto the top of my wife's boobs, and my cock began to stir. I noticed that Bob's jeans were also bulging, and Clarice had shifted position so that her gown was almost open to the waist, curly pubic hairs peeping from the gap.

Bob's massage was now openly including Clarice's boob tops and he looked at me with an enquiring lift of the eyebrows. I nodded, and started to open my jeans, pulling my cock into the open and stroking it in anticipation of what I hoped was going to happen soon. Suddenly Clarice opened her eyes and looked straight at me, saw my cock in my hands and gave a slight smile before closing her eyes again, at the same time sliding down lower onto the couch. Bob's hands now were running all over my wife's upper body, and he'd slipped the gown open so that her furry pussy was fully exposed. Clarice began to whimper excitedly, then said, almost in a whisper, "Bob, you are still fully clothed...not fair!"

I left my seat and moved across to the couch where I could join the action, and as I took over, sucking at Clarice's nipples, Bob stood up and in one expert move dropped his jeans and took off his shirt. He wore nothing underneath, and had a beautiful, cut penis, even though I say so myself. I'd entertained a few fantasies about a bi encounter and classified myself as "bi-curious" so the sight of his erect penis caused me to shiver in anticipation. Bob rejoined Clarice on the couch, easing himself between her legs and lowering his head to her mound. She started pushing & thrusting harder, and I felt her nipples stiffening under my tongue. Clarice then pulled me closer, took hold of my cock and started to wank it, then took it in her mouth for a good suck. I was now crouched over her head, facing directly towards Bob whose head was still buried in her mound, lapping away. From where I was I could see his penis bouncing up and down, hitting his belly, and without knowing what I was really doing, reached over and took it in my hand. Clarice opened her eyes at the same time Bob did...and both saw this new development. Bob smiled into my eyes, Clarice gave a sigh of contentment, and then said: "Bob, fuck me know please. Then I want Graham to suck our juices off your cock, OK?"

Bob literally sprang into action, flipping Clarice onto her front so she could suck me while he mounted her doggy style from the rear, thrusting hard with his lovely cock and reaching round to massage her large tits with both hands. His eyes were glazed in pleasure, but every now and then he gave me a knowing look. Soon Clarice was bucking in pleasure as she came, whimpering in pleasure and excitement, and Bob shot his semen into her cunt. After a minute of so he pulled out...looking at me expectantly. Clarice sighed happily, then said: "Your turn, to me." She rolled on her back and spready her cum-filled cunt wide. I needed no further invitation and plunged my cock into her hole, warm and squishy with Bob's semen and her juices, and started thrusting. With that Bob manoevered himself in front of me, his balls hanging almost in Clarice's face, and offered me his cock. I took it in my mouth, nervously at first, but the salty taste of cum and excitement soon had me sucking and slurping as if I was a child with his first lollipop. Clarice was moaning in pleasure, and then took Bob's balls in her mouth. I shot my load very soon after this, pounding into my conservative and prim wife's pussy, soaked with Bob's cum, while she sucked on his balls and I sucked on his cock... Sadly Bob was unable to come a second time that night, so I never got to experience him shooting his load into my mouth, though both of us did take turns in lapping at Clarice's soaking wet pussy and licking it totally clean. Our evening was a perfect threesome triangle and one I hope very much to enjoy again. And again. And again...