18 Mar 2018

After years and years of naughty talks with wife it paid off .

I found a sissy that we can use to play with . So I made an arrangmet and went alone to visit him and he had a small flat live alone he never wasted time on my cock sucking it till I felt to cum .

I warned him but he kept gong till I started coming like fountain and he kept eating and. Eating .

We thanked each other and left.

Few weeks later suggested to visit him to my wife and she was happy not believe she said oh yes .

We went to China mall to buy her a dress and we found one short sexy one we bought .

Later I suggested to buy a panty so she turned around and told me says who I want to wear any thing under wow this made me hard same time .

Set the date Saturday 10 am .

She went in the bathroom at home to bath and make sure her pussy is as smooth as I love it to be .

Next was me to bath and off we went .

Informed him of 30 min delay he was ok.

We went and sat to chill .

Forgot to say wife told me for the first time she just like to see how he suck me I said ok lol.

So he opened the zip and wife helped him to do so.

Started sucking me while I made her horny kissing her .

Then excused him and me with her to the room to change her .

And. Yes she did not put panty on . how sexy it was .

Presented wife to him . his jaw dropped saying woooow how sexy .

Made her turn around and he started kissing her ass gently . I kept askig wife if she ok and if she happy and she always said yes .

Then by her self she turned to the wall and he started eating her ass hole deeper and deeper so she got horny .

While I was preparing the cellphone to take pics .

Next thing I see she was sitting

legs open and he was eating her fat juicey cunt .

Wow wow wow .

My wife in front of me with strange sissy . Legs open and pussy is exposed I was on the moon so happy .

Next thing she told me open my pussy lips babe so I did .

After few min she started to cum and cum and cum and more cum . while screaming of joy . Same time she was slapping his face and calling him names as he requested .

Took a break and we all went to the room .

We took few more videos and pic. Made him suck me while she was watching and taking pics .

Then I lifted her legs put them on my shoulders and bang bang bang with noise till I filled her cunt with so much of cum.

That is when i told sissy come bring your mouth and vacuum clean her pussy while I take a bx.

He did as I wanted with that she again did cum with huge screams

Went to chat little and changed the cloths we greeted him and said by.

Over all I never expected my wife to be this way .

Never expected her to open her legs that fast .

But hey I loved it so much feel to take her again like the next day lol

This experience that opens huge potential to meet more cpl in the near future.

I thank all my friend on this site to encourage me to go for it .

So now we can say WE DID IT

Lot of pics and vid will be added app.

Love you ppl to comment and say what you think