Written by jhb_guy

14 Jul 2014

So I mostly come on this site to read the stories. Because somehow it makes me feel normal. So this happened , a year or so ago. We were in dbn for the weekend. Wifey had planned a visit at a local club in pinetown. I been nagging to go to a swingers club. She found this online, through kiwi club. So we get to the club & there's a few cars outside. We walk in & find our way to the bar. Have a few drinks, dance a bit, then we get introduced to the club. They show us the rooms, they advice on where to go & not to go depending on your preference. All good so far. After a few more drinks we take a walk to the rooms. In the first room we see this young guy pounding away on some pussy, it looked so good. Some of the other doors were closed but you could here moaning. We seen a few people play /suck right there at the bar. The atmosphere was amazing. We went in a room, she asked me to close the door, then she went on her knees & sucked me. Then we fucked. Hearing all the noises in the other rooms made it exciting. Afterwards we went to the bathrooms to freshen up. We went back to the bar for a drink,,even the barman got head right there by one of the guy's wife.

We then went back up to the rooms. A little while later, a mid aged caucasion guy come up wit an asian (indian) girl. Beautiful body. They go into a room & close the door. A minute later she walks out & asks my wife if we swop partners? Without blinking my wife said NO. She said ohk,thanks & walked back into the room. I was shattered. Not even because I wanted to do the girl, but I'm really dying for a chance to watch wifey get fucked. She held me tight, I kissed her & thanked her for arranging this evening. Told her I loved her & we heading back to our hotel. Oh well next time..