Written by PP

08 Dec 2015

A fantasie of me for so long to have a black lady small not to big a nice ass and medium tight boobs

One afternoon just before going home from work I got a message from a unknown no (hi handsome what are you doing this afternoon )immediately there's a movement in my pants I don't know the number but something tells me that it can be interesting then I ask who is it immediately the reply is (get me at the lodge you will get me there)no name no number nothing I only know one lodge in my aeria

So excitement building up afterwork I drive to the lodge not knowing what to expect arriving at the lodge a security guard met me at the parking lot and ask me to follow him to a room on the far end of all the rooms and left me there after hesitating for a moment I opened the door and there she was sitting with a glass of wine with only her bra and panties she invites me and ask to lock the door

I couldn't believe my eye's she was working with me we never spoke much in my mind I always thought it would be nice to have that nice dark naked body against mine but that was it she offered me a glass of wine and we talk about how much we want each other and how nice it would be

Then she started undressing me when she pulled down my pants my already hard dick jumps out and she started to suck him oh and was it good she suck me until I had to pulled her away then I started sucking her nippels they were like a teenagers that has never been sucked before she started to moan then I went down slowly to taste her wetness oh and wet she was and it taste so good she moans and ask me to fuck her I put in my hard dick slowly and pushed him in complete up to my balls and started to move in and out now she's started to moan a lot and then she cum I could feel how her pussy muscles is clumming around my dick I could feel I'm also going to cum and then it's time my cum was pumping deep inside her pussy then I pulled out and she sucks off my dick and we kiss a long kiss

Another time my story will follow it still wasn't the end