Written by Fossil

23 Nov 2012

The Meeting.

Hell it was unreal, here I was, 64 years old and sitting in a coffee shop waiting to meet somebody that I had only a feint recollection of what the lady looked like and someone that I had only chatted to a few times in a chat room. As I sat waiting my mind wandered back to how I had gotten myself into this “unknown” predicament.

Having been introduced to the site by a friend from a totally vanilla chat site I, after taking the usual friendly banter from the old regulars about being a “virgin” and a newbie, began to get into the swing of things and soon made a few friends. One in particular really became a regular chatter and the chatting soon progressed into something that to me was obvious, I had to meet this exuberant, bubbly person.

Yes, you guessed it, we did arrange to meet and that is why I found myself in a coffee shop waiting.

The lady did arrive and after a few nervous minutes on my part her happy go lucky personality soon pushed aside any doubts I had. Coffee went off well and by the time we had finished I think we had established a good friendship and when we left I was overjoyed when I was invited back to her house.

Again that uneasy nervous feeling crept in, now what, and once again all nervousness was pushed far away as the top was removed and I was presented with the amazing sight of these gorgeous Pillows. Here I was, a confirmed T&A man, confronted with these amazing boobs that I knew I would spend a long time kissing, stroking and playing with.

You guessed it, I did spend a whole lot of time upstairs but soon the urge to go below forced me to relinquish my spot in heaven. I need not have worried, from one cloud 9 to another. Tentative at first, it was after all my first time with the lady, soon became a full 3 course meal. Kissing, nibbling, licking and fingering soon produced a first for me, squirting. The aromatic taste was at first strange but what the hell, it is a taste that I have come to enjoy so much and will always look forward to making my lifelong friend squirt and squirt and squirt.

What an experience that first time was and by the time I left there was no doubt that I wanted to continue our meetings for a long time to come.

To the lady in question I thank you for all the good times we have had and hope to have in the future and I was just glad of one thing, I did not have to sleep on the wet spot.