07 Aug 2019

My first SH encounter .

I have replied to a few adverts and being a married guy playing alone I did not attract much attention . I was chatting to this very sexy cpl from verulam but did not receive much joy . My male friend Mr X is also on this site . He mentioned that he was meeting a cpl from verulam but seeing that this was his first encounter he was a bit nervous to do it alone . He spoke to the couple and they agreed that he can be a friend . So now I am thinking their advert clearly stated no single males no singles males but here we are not one but two males going to meet them .

So that evening Mr X fetches me and we are going to meet this couple . So the Hubby meets us at the gate and we park into the property . We are taken to the lounge and we are greeted by this stunning Indian lady a bit short but thick in all the right places . We chit chat a bit and have some whiskey . Her hubby lights up the hooka and puts on some nice 80s music . My friend and I are sitting in the lounge whilst her hubby is busy preparing the hooka pouring drinks etc . It is not long after a few pulls from the hooka this sexy lady is sitting on my lap straddling my saddle . By now my I undo her buttons and start to lick her firm yet  voluptuous breast . My friend MrX wastes no time . Before I knew it her panty was on the floor and he was eating her pussy right there . Her hubby brings the drinks and she asks him to take them to the bedroom together with the hooka and portable speaker . Her hubby whispers something to her and she leaves the room saying behave boys I'll be right back . The 5 minutes that she took seemed like a lifetime.  My jaw nearly dropped as she entered the room again . Black leather skirt fishnet stockings boots and a high cut blouse.  Flung me onto the bed I was still fully clothed. She unbuttoned by formal shirt and I took of my jeans . She lay on the bed and asked me and Mr X to lay beside her . Her hubby comes with her beads and a metal dildo which he had turned on the lathe himself . We watched her play with herself and her hubby took pics for his private collection .  She sat on the bed and took MrX and my cock one in each hand . Took turns sucking both our cocks . Hubby was taking pics but we asked him to not show faces . My friend and I put on condoms as she lay naked on the centre of the bed. The pussy was juicy and pink and I sucked her a bit as Mr X slid his cock inside her pussy . He fucked her hot pussy for 10 minutes solid whist I sucked her breast and fingered her anus.  He moved aside and gave me a chance to fuck her pussy . Her hubby then got undressed and fucked her mouth whilst Mr X and I double penetrated her pussy . They make it look easy in the movies lol but it was a mission . We took turns fucking her from 23h00 till 02h00 non stop but we  guys had a little break in between which prevented us from cumming too fast . We had so much fun . We met another time with them and on the third occasion MrX could not make it so I went alone . Her hubby and I fucked her for two hours and I came deep inside her . Around midnight he said he was going to watch something on TV . I fucked his wife and came inside her another two rounds . I loved taking her from behind standing . It's been a while since I last spoke to them .