Written by Mrs S

28 Feb 2017

The night started like any other. It would just be a quiet braai, a few drinks and our good friend.

After a while the music was booming and drinks were flowing. Our friend lets call him Mr A, was off to one side on the phone.

My husband of 5 years looked at me with raging lust in his eyes (i knew that look to well), babe if i allowed it would you fuck Mr A?

My whole world stopped, what did he just say? Did I hear wrong? Was this a trap? I smiled back with the most cheaky smile I could! Babe if you want me to fuck him i will.

He looked at me in a way he has never looked at me before, kissed me softly on the forehead and said thats my girl.

My mouth was dry n my heart racing!!! Wine i need wine. This isn't going to happen. Things like this dont just happen. I walked as calming as i could to the kitchen were I could be alone. Downed a glass of wine and poured another.

As i got outside Mr A looked at me with thoes blue eyes, i have seen that look so many times but never at me. Something inside me clenched, i was wet an throbbing. I wanted this.

My husband instructed me to go take a bath he wanted me clean for when Mr A saw me. I did as i was told, my hands shaking so much i had to focus while shaving.

When i was done I put on my underwear and climbed under the blankets... My heart pretty much trying to climb out of my chest. I was so turned on.

My husband walked into the room and removed the blankets. He took in the view. He licked his lips n said mmmm yes this will do. He will like this.

Shortly after Mr A walked in with a smile on his face, he gently took my hand n quickly pulled me up towards him. He felt so familiar yet so different. he looked down at me with thoes eyes. He stroked his hand down from my shoulder over my breast towards my ass.

He clenched his fingers in my hair and kissed me deeply. I could feel my underwear bieng removed and just stood there. He moved me back to the bed and lay me down. Opening my legs wide exposing my dripping pussy....

He looked at me with a big smile and said i shell eat this. And that he did! Licking up every drop massaging my clit in all the right ways! Moving his fingers in and out!

My husband stood over me and watched as i fell to pieces while his best friend guided me to the edge!