31 Jul 2019

Introduction to SH life

All our life we hoped to find a couple that was like us, we loved sex and having fun and visiting with friends but alas, it was not easy finding someone. We had no idea that there was a world of swingers out there. One day we happened to come across SH and was stunned to see that there was quite a sum of people living this secretive life. We just had to join this site and see what would happen.

After about 3 months of slowly melting into the private world of SH we decided we were ready to make friends.

After 6 months of chatting in the chat room, reading profiles and sending private messages without reliable response we were ready to give up, believing that this was only a place where people were hiding behind computers and lived in a fantasy world and were not at all real.

Meeting the Host.

I was chatting in the chatroom and noticed Mrs-X inviting couples over for a house party. Koekie and I immediately decided that we should try to attend this party if they would invite us. I asked Mrs-X if I could whisper her and she agreed. We greeted and I asked her if it was an open party or just for their friends. She said it was for whoever wanted to join the party. We politely requested to attend, although it was 300km away. Lady-X said that we were welcome and invited us to stay over, as it is a far way to travel. The weekend of the party, we traveled to Pretoria and met these two wonderful people. From the Friday until Saturday afternoon, we just talked and got to know each other.

The Party.

Mister-X had the braai fires going, and the time of the party was getting closer, soon the couples would arrive, koekie and I were nervous, our hearts throbbing in our throats, our mouths dry. The first couple arrived and we met our second couple from SH. More couples arrived and we started to calm down and enjoy the company. A total of seven couples and three single men was at the party and all of them horny as hell and by the time the dinner was served many of them were already half-naked.

The Fun Begins.

After the braai we all went into the lounge, two double beds and a single bed replaced the usual couches. Koekie and I stood fully clothed and silent to one side and watched, learning new things every second. The players all stood around drinking and laughing at the sexually cracked jokes while slowly undressing, I looked at koekies face and saw the excitement in her eyes. Her eyes sparkled as she watched the semi naked and naked bodies. Slowly more and more people got naked and started to find a partner to play with. Mrs-X spoke out and laid out the house rules … no means no … ask before you touch … no pain allowed …

Koekie and I was standing at the corner of the single bed very nervous and shy. No one approached us but left us to decide when we were comfortable to join the fun. My attention was not on all the hot sexy naked woman and the people on the beds having foreplay, some of them already into hard-core hot and steamy sex; my attention was on koekie, her breathing was far harder and faster than usual. I saw something I have never seen before, her lust was showing openly. We did not speak a word but I knew she was extremely horny and wanted to join the fun. I pulled her closer to me and softly ran my hand over her bum, I felt her legs shake and how she pushed back ever so slightly letting me touch her harder on her bum. She had never seen so many naked men in her life and they were right in front of her, she had permission to enjoy the various sizes of wet, dripping cocks and she was ready to try at least one of them. Her bottom lip quivering as she bites it softly. I moved my hand around her luscious clothed body to her groin and touched her groin hard; she lets out a gasp and a soft moan. Softly whispering in her ear, I ask her if she wants to join in. she utters … yes … yes… oh yes.

I turned her towards me and start French kissing her while I unbutton her blouse, she tried to touch my hard cock but I would not let her, tonight she will play with a new man and not me. I removed her blouse and then her bra, her nipples pointing at me nice and hard. I look around to see who the man will be that will dip his wet slimy dripping cock into her ready, wet and willing vagina, her interest lies with Mister-X, and he obliges willingly.

Taking her hand, he leads her to an open space at one of the double beds and starts kissing her using all his skill and as much tongue as he can, she kisses him back willingly and hungry for more. Mr-X standing naked before her with his penis a full 8 inches long and an inch and a half thick starts loosening her denim trouser. Koekie too afraid to touch the rock hard shaft in front of her just looks as Mr-X removes her denim one leg at a time. She touches her breasts and fumbles with her nipples her fingers not knowing what to do. Mr-X lets her sit on the side of the bed and starts touching her boobs and sucking on her nipples. Her head falls back as the pleasure races in and takes over her emotions. Soft moans come from her lips as he sucks and plays with her nice rounded boobs. Her hands find his head and she runs her fingers through his neatly combed hair, over his neck and on his back. She pulls him closer as his tongue flickers on her hard nipples. She opens her eyes and looks at me for a full minute, pleasure showing clearly as her eyes starts closing slowly again. Mr-X pushes koekie on her back and lets her lay on the bed opening her legs slightly. As she willingly opens her legs he kneels between them and starts planting soft kisses all over her cleanly shaven pussy and inner thy. Her back arches as his tongue brushes against her erect clitoris. A squeal of pleasure escapes her lips. She has yet to feel another man’s cock in her hand and her chance is coming closer. For a while Mr-X sucks, licks, flickers, and massages his mouth and tongue over her pussy, his spit mixing with her juices and making her like putty in his hands as she totally submits herself into his control. Mr-X sits up and moves closer to her mouth, gives her a kiss and then brings his manhood to her face, he wants her to taste him, she lets out a gasp as she sees this huge penis, she touches his penis for the first time, one hand cupping his balls and the other one closes around his good-sized penis. She takes a good look at this new pleasure rod and licks her lips while softly stroking him up and down her breath is racing. His one hand is playing with her pussy as she slips his cock into her mouth, she has never had such a huge cock in her mouth and she was enjoying it. Slurping all the juices she can she pulls him deeper into her mouth. There is a gasp as she realizes that his hand is no longer at her dripping pussy but another mouth has taken over the pleasure. A single man had asked me if he may join in and knowing that koekie approved of this gent, I gave him my approval. As Mr-Q ate his way into koekies swollen pussy, she was sucking and slurping on Mr-X’s rock hard rod, very delighted at the new twist of events. She had never been with more than one man before and was finding it all very pleasing and full of excitement. The more Mr-Q sucked and licked her pussy the harder and deeper she would BJ Mr-X.

After a while, the two men changed places and Mr-Q offered his 6-inch cock to her mouth. Mr-X spread her legs displaying her beautiful wet pussy. He started to push his huge cock slowly into her pussy, her pussy lips parted under the soft pressure as he penetrated slowly as not to hurt her, she was so wet and slimy that he slipped into her with one slow smooth motion. She gasped for air as she felt his huge member fill her up inside. She had never had such a big cock in her pussy. He fucked her good and hard as she moaned for more, harder she would say … harder, while sucking Mr-Q’s dick. Now and then, Mr-X would withdraw his 8-inch cock and rub it against her clitoris making her beg for more. While he was pounding away at her soft wet pussy Mr-Q started to reach climax and wanted to withdraw his rock hard wet cock from koekies mouth. She would not let him, her tongue and mouth all over his cock and she pulled him deep into her throat. Mr-Q could not hold back any longer and he shuddered as he blasted his load of hot cum deep into her mouth, she did not mess a drop of his cum and went on sucking as if she needed more. The sight of koekie swallowing a mouthful of Mr-Q’s cum made Mr-X lose control and he fucked her even harder and faster as he pushed koekie over her limit and she climaxed in a wave of shakes. Groans and moans from her mouth while she was having her orgasm then Mr-X he filled her pussy with his own heavy load of hot cum as his body was riddled with Goosebumps. His throbbing cock deep inside her pussy leaving it there they both enjoyed the feeling of a major orgasm, As Mr-X’s limp cock left her pussy his cum spilled out of her pussy and ran down over her anus dripping onto the towel beneath her. Mr-X massaged the dripping cum around her anus ring giving her a tingling feeling over her groin area.

Koekie had her first MMF and enjoyed every second of it, wanting more a half hour later. This was her night and she was pleased with what she had become … A swinger!