18 Apr 2017

This is a story that actually happened to me, and I am hoping the couple reads this and gets in contact with me. I had met this couple on line a good few years ago and this is what happened. After a couple of mails to and from we decided to meet for coffee in the Midrand area to feel each other out and then would decide to take it from there. After the meeting we went our ways and I got a mail from them the next day and asked if I was still interested, which of course was a yes. They where not married to each other, she was a short plump lady and he was medium built. We decided to meet at her place Alberton as she stayed alone. Once I got there we all sat and had a drink, she explained that she would be in control, but I should listen to her lover as she and him had discussed what she wanted. We then went to the bedroom where we all took our clothes off. She then laid on her back and the male took out some oil and he showed me that we are going to massage her from top to bottom. This of course had me hard as a nail, we both then also got to suck her boobs, and then we both had a chance of playing with her honey pot which we also got to eat and lick. He then said that we must take turns in her and while the one is busy the other must keep massaging and sucking her boobs. He also said we must not cum as we wanted this to last as long as possible, so that when it was my turn and I felt I was about to cum I should pull out and hold it for later and we should swop continuously . I never thought I was bi in any way but as he was about to insert his cock into her she said she wanted both cocks in her mouth which we both did. She took both our cocks and rubbed them together and gave us a great suck ( first time ever my cock had touched another cock). He then inserted his cock into her while she was still sucking mine. He then lent forward and kissed her with my cock being very close to their mouths. Eventually she put my cock in his mouth and he also sucked me, I did not know what to do, but in the heat of the moment went with the flow. They both where sucking me and boy I must say it felt great. Eventually he said we must swop and I then inserted my cock into her, his was a bit smaller than mine but she was very wet and my cock slid quiet easy into her honey pot. As I was busy he then put his cock in her mouth and then aske me to suck him with her . I nearly had a heart attack, but WTF I thought and did as they wanted, must say it made me even more horny. This went on for about half an hour, we where changing positions all the time. Eventually he said to me if I want to cum I must pull out and shoot all over her boobs. Then as I was about to cum I pulled out and shot what must have been the largest load I have ever shot all over her boobs, and as I was shooting he also started shooting his load on her boobs, she rubbed our cocks together and our cum as well. We then laid back and rested, we then all had a good clean up, and left since the afternoon had disappeared so quickly and we both had to get home. That night I had my cell stolen and lost contact with this couple. I would love to experience something like this again , I have been fantasising about that afternoon and what could have happened had we stayed in contact with one another. I am sure we would have done a whole lot more. But many thanks to that couple ,it was the best experience in my life