Written by georgeous

25 Apr 2013

I was always curious about swinging and regularly bought some swingers magazines to learn about swinging. I saw an ad from a couple looking for a single bi guy to join them for some fun. I scraped up enough courage and made contact. After a few calls and swapping of pics we decided to meet. We met at a club and after a few drinks we moved to one of the rooms. She had a see through top on and could clearly see her boobs. Nice and firm with pointy nipples. Her body looked so hot in the dim light.

She called me over and we started kissing, hands moving lower to my trousers. By the time she touched my cock it was rock hard and needed to be freed. She felt and looked at her husband and said," he didn't lie when he said he gets hard for nothing and is a nice size". She started loosening my trousers while I fondled with her breasts. They smelled sweet and I started sucking on them while my hands moved down to her jewels. It was so warm and moist that I almost lost it. I used my fingers to probe her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Soon after that she had her first orgasm. James was standing there playing with himself while we were busy.

He moved in on Sandy and I moved back to see what he was going to do to her. He went straight for her wet pussy and was lapping up all the juices. Sandy called me to stand next to him and I duly obliged. We started kissing again and while we were doing that she turned James head to my throbbing cock. He took it by the shaft and started sucking on the head and licking my pre cum. It felt amazing. I just wanted to push his head completely over my cock but resisted as I knew I would lose it soon. Sandy knelt down next to James and they both started sucking me on each side. Having four lips on it was absolutely mind blowing. I could feel my balls tightening and as I was about to shoot my load when she took it all in her mouth while James was licking my balls. I came with such a force that the choked a bit but not once did she move away and drank it all. By this time James was so ready that he rubbed his cock against me. I took his cock( a bit longer than mine but not as thick) and started jerking him off. Sandy went in front of him and started licking his head while I was jerking him. Not long after that he started cumming and Sandy swallowed it all.

We moved to the bed and started fondling each other and I went down on her. She tatsed so nice that I was hard again. James moved under me and started sucking my balls and was rimming me. This was another first for me. It felt as if I was going to cum again but Sandy said no, she wasn't finished with us just yet. She moved James aside and told me to fuck her . I didn't need to be asked a second time and was on top of her in no time. I guided my cock between her wet lips while sucking on her ear lobes and neck. I entered her slowly and she thrushed herself against my hard cock and I entered her completely to the base of my cock. She gave out a groan and I was fucking her. WOW she was absolutely stunning and me having my way with her was more that I could ever have imagined. I was fucking her pussy and it was making wet noises. She motioned to James behind me without me knowing. The next thing I knew he was licking my arse and spreading my cheeks. He started rimming me again while I was fucking his wife. I was in heaven. I moved back a bit to make access easier for him. I slipped my hand to Sandy's clit and started rubbing it. She gave out more groans and before I knew it she started cumming again. I could feel the juices running down. The next thing I felt Jame's cock against my arse. He was trying to enter me. I wasn't sure if I should let him carry on or move away. Sandy whispered in my ear that she wants James to fuck me while I'm fucking her.

How can a man refuse something like that when you are having such a great time. I didn't resist. I lay still on Sandy still hard deep inside her while James Started pushing his cock against my arse. It felt like it was resisting, I tried to relax more and could feel his head pushing and splitting me open. I did not move and felt him inside me. He was almost in completely and started to retreat back slowly. Then pushed it in again. It felt sore at first but after a while I started enjoying it. He started to move faster and I started fucking Sandy again. I was still hard and it felt unbelievable. James started to really fuck me hard and I could sense he was getting close. I started to fuck Sandy hard while she was making groaning noises. She grabbed my waist and pushed me against her, deep inside her she started to climax. I could feel her pussy tightening against my cock and I started to cum. I lost it as James also started to cum. We were like three ravaged bunnies. We lay still for a while just caressing one another. We got up and cleaned ourselves off and went back to the bar to get some refreshments.

We have become very good friends and they have moved to Australia now but still keep in contact. Thank you Sandy and James for intoducing me to swinging. Love you both. Maybe I might write on my first group experience.