Written by Bobby_Louw

20 Nov 2014

We met at the airport and couldn’t keep our eyes and hands of one another. You are even more stunning than your photo’s . You are perfectly proportioned. Loved your pettiness. The look in your brown eyes told me u wanted me badly and I’m sure mine sent out the same message.

I cannot wait to have you, all of you. I suggested we rush to your place but you said to me that will take too long and suggested that we use the terminals wheelchair toilet.

You twisted your slender body slightly and I found your perfectly formed derriere fitted like a glove on top of my rising manhood. All thoughts of brilliant conversation or other matters were immediately dispersed from my brain and I focused on the single goal of gaining entry to the your female entryway with my awakened cock. I did not want to seem like some crude ape or pervert but the fact of my arousal soon impressed its arrival in the center of your nether regions and you look up at me with a knowing gleam in her your brown flecked dark eyes.1:21 PM

Seeing no objection on your part, I steadied your hips and pushed up your skirt to allow my cock to roam freely over your delicately shaped bum. You steadied your slender body on my arm and opened your legs wide to accept my shaft between your bum cheeks. My cock was throbbing with desire and you rolled your slender hips with feminine stealth driving me into a frenzy of impatient passion.

I was moaning with frustrated desire. I almost tore off your knickers in a fit of frantic humping. You were transported to a level of wantonness you had never experienced before and reached back to spread your cheeks open for his entry. My cock was now at the entranceway to the back of your already wet vagina.

You whimpered when you felt the tip of my cock touch you down below and you knew you were going to have to take it all the way up from behind. You shuddered momentarily when I started to slide slowly inside your slick wet channel. I was stretching you to your limit but you loved every second of the slow steady entry. For an instant, you panicked thinking you would not be able to take me completely inside and that would disappoint either me or you.

I bottomed out right up against your waiting cervix. My cock was the perfect length for your pretty pussy. We were perfectly matched despite the difference in our height and weight. I stood rooted in place and allow you to hump back into me with a steady rhythm that accelerated the drawing of my spunk much faster than I really wanted.

It was such a sweet coupling that I would like it to go on for a very long time. On the other hand, You were determined to drain me of all of my seeds in this very first go-around. You wanted my cream buried deep inside you to fill you with new life and soothing sensuality. You were twisting your nipples cruelly out of sight of my eyes.1:33 PM

You needed that bit of pain to help push her over the top of her orgasm. With you bent-over you felt me at your rear door begin to swell inside your narrow vaginal channel, you dropped your hands from your nipples straight down to your sensitive clitoris and rubbed it in the magic spot that never failed to bring you off.

I froze for an instant, buried to the hilt inside the shadowy wisp of this awesome looking female form bent over in front of me. It was that moment of truth. I knew I would be unable to stop. I knew my pent-up cream would be spilling out in a flood inside your pretty pussy in mere seconds. I looked down and sure enough, you looked over your shoulder and smiled your acceptance of my load allowing me to let it flow with full force between your fluttering pussy lips. The cream spurted up into your cervix with determined force making you squeal in a most unladylike manner