Written by Mark2143

21 Mar 2015

I had signed up with this site a while back and being a young single male, the mere thought of the experiences that awaited me opened up a new found sexual energy in my life. I had been conversing with many couples via inbox however my age or inexperience in the lifestyle always seemed to be a deal breaker for them.

In November of last year, I had viewed a profile that really appealed to me. A 36 year old single woman in my area..and wow, her pics were smoking!..very large breasts with big suckable nipples. She was a bbw as well which was sort of a new found kink for me. I had decided to send her an inbox message and an invite to my private album which contained very explicit pictures of my rock hard manhood. To my surprise, she replied within a day saying "I would absolutely love sucking your cock"..as I think back on that reply it still gets me hard. We decided to exchange numbers and started chatting.

The texting started off innocent at first, we found out about each other..personal details, but after a week or two it was all about "what would you do to me?," or the pictures of my shaved cock that she loved. I was a little concerned as I had been in this position before..sure, the texting is fun, but after a while people usually have the tendency to back out of these encounters. I didn't have my hopes up..until one day I asked her to prove how kinky she was. To my surprise, she said on Saturday she would pick me up. Now this is when things became a reality. The thought of being with an older woman was not only an immediate turn on but the fact that this could be my first experience on this site was enough to make me masturbate throughout that week until Saturday arrived.

I woke up that morning nervous as hell, I had been with only one other woman before and so I started to reconsider if this swinging lifestyle was for me. Eventually I made up my mind to go through with it, after all, new experiences would be good for me. That afternoon she picked me up around 7..as I entered her car I could see she was also a little nervous. We greeted each other, made a little small talk and stopped at the nearest garage to get some condoms. During the drive I kept looking at her legs, teased by a short black dress which sat above her knees. Once we bought the condoms we proceeded to an empty parking lot, just down the road.

Once we found a good spot we both jumped into the back seat. We talked a little and I was finally able to gaze upon her properly. She had her curls up in a bun, kind smile and breasts to die for. Getting the small talk out of the way, I finally asked if she was wearing the g-string I asked her to wear. She responded with a smirk, saying "Why don't you find out for yourself?," while she lifted her dress up exposing her black g-string. I wasted no time at that invitation. I leaned over and kissed her. Our tongues met and she pushed hers forcefully into my mouth telling me that she was really rearing to go. I bent down and started to remove her underwear while kissing her inner thighs. The g-string fell to the floor and her exposed shaved pussy was mere inches from my face. I began to part her fat lips slowly with my fingers and I could already feel how wet she was. I proceeded to lick her lips while teasing her clit with my finger..her moans encouraged me to really give it my all. Her warm juices were all over my tongue and lips by now. I then started to finger her..intensely while I suctioned her clit and ran my tongue over it over and over again..she moaned deeply as her breathing increased. I increased the speed at which I fingered her and kept working her clit until she let out a loud moan and came in my mouth. I licked her juices up more gently than before and put my fingers in her mouth for her to taste herself. She did taste spectacular! She then motioned to her tits with a smile on her face..I slipped off the top of her dress and 2 very large breasts fell out..I began sucking on her hard brown nipples and caressed them. She continued to moan in pleasure.

I sat up and she kissed me deeply again. I removed my pants and she started stroking on my uncut cock.."Relax," she said...her lips then met the head of my cock and the slurping noises accompanied by her head moving up and down in my lap made me get hard in her mouth. She kept teasing my cock head with the occasional tongue on the tip. She wanked my shaft gently and took my balls on her mouth as well..while she enjoyed my cock I reached around and fingered her again, shocked at how wet she was..my hand was soaked! I then leaned back and she sat on top of me in the 69 position. The view of her ass in my face and the taste of her pussy was driving me to cum very soon. I told her to slow down before I blew my load in her mouth and she giggled.

She woke up and we kissed again until I told her that I wanted to fuck her. I looked at my cock and her saliva was all over it. She grabbed a condom and rolled it on me. I wanked myself as I stared at her parted legs. Finally I pushed my hard cock into her and thrust in deeply..I leaned forward and kissed her neck. She was so tight!, the wetness of her pussy felt amazing and I continued to fuck her in missionary. Her breathing was heavy and it wasn't long before I was close..she wrapped her legs around me tighter and she felt me speeding up my thrusting. She whispered into my ear "Are you going to cum for me baby?." This certainly drove me over the edge. She pushed hard against me and I came deep in her while she held on to me tightly. We kissed, both covered in sweat. I pulled out of her, rolled off the rubber and talked about how amazing that was.

We continued talking a little longer until I felt myself getting hard again..I leaned in and parted her legs to which she was very happy to see. I rubbed her pussy and she immediately became wet again. I put two fingers inside her and sucked on her now protruding clit as she gripped onto the back of my head and moaned. I decided to increase the pace and put another finger inside her..she loved it..I entered deeper and deeper inside her until my palm and thumb were just left outside her pussy..4 fingers in and I was really shocked...she said it was a first for her but seeing as she was soaking wet (the stain on the back seat already) it made it much easier. She came twice while I finger fucked her with great pace. I sat up and she immediately took my now very hard cock into her mouth..I played with her large tits and grabbed on them as she wanted while she wanked me and kissed my cock all over. The thought of what was happening brought me close to cumming and I pulled out of her mouth and blew my hot load all over her tits. She giggled then smiled at me telling me this had been one amazing night!

We cleaned up and she dropped me off at home..we agreed to meet again as we had both thoroughly enjoyed that night. When I entered my place the smell of her juices all over me ensured me that she had an amazing time. Since then we have lost contact, but for a first time experience, it certainly was all I hoped it would have been.