20 Apr 2016

This all happened a very long time ago and being Bi or Gay was not mentioned back then. I had just started working and of course had no money back then so I would hitch hike from work in the evenings. My first job was in the bank and wed day was half day.

Anyway hitching home on day got picked up by a guy who was about 40. I was no sooner in the car and he started talking about sex and how horny he felt and he needed a fuck. I can tell you I was taken back and really had no idea what to say. In fact I thought he wanted to fuck a women . I can tell you though I was turned on but said nothing. We traveled about a kilometer stop start for robots. At one robot he started rubbing his crutch and made it very obvious. Fuck I just stared.

Once we were on the open road he took his prick out. He was uncut and semi hard. Now that turned me on an I could feel

my cock growing in my pants. When he asked me what I thought of his cock I just stammered it looked ok. By now my heart was pounding not knowing what to do and say and just want out of that car. My instinct told me this was wrong but I was mesmerized. He passed more comments about sex and how he wanted to fuck. For my part I just sort of nodded my head. It was not long before he had a full hard on and foreskin pulled back. Now I can tell you that was the first time I had seen a hard male cock aside from my own and fuck was I turned on and I think he must have known it. He decided to put his hand in my crotch and started to massage my cock and I knew there was no turning back. I was going to come. I dont think I lasted no more than a minute and I came in my pants and fuck was that good. I'm not sure whether he knew it or not but my stop came up and I asked him to drop me off. This was like a dream and felt feelings that I never knew I had. What I can say I had a wet cum filled crotch and I felt great and wanted more. How could I get so turned on by a man but thats when I figured out I like to have sex with men.