22 May 2017

It was the mid 80's and I was working in Johannesburg at the time. I had a company flat in Berea and was one of three non whites ( indian) in the building.

A young white girl , Anna, straight out of school joined the company and worked in my department. After a few weeks one of the guys in my department asked if I could help him out by accommodating Anna for the weekend as he would like to take her out. Apparently her parents were quite strict and would only allow her out if she was staying with one of her 'girlfriends' for the weekend and somebody had already covered for her.

I obliged as I was staying alone at the the time . It was going to be just the Saturday night anyway and there was enough room. Anyway I made arrangements to catch a late night movie in Hillbrow which will give them some privacy if they needed.

I got home just after midnight and had to knock on my own door as I had given them the only key to the apartment. Anna answered the door wearing a sleepshirt and a broad smile. Apparently Mark had taken her for dinner and a movie and dropped her off around 10pm.

I made us some hot chocolate and we chatted for a bit. I offered her the bedroom and decided that I will crash on the couch in the lounge. She point blank refused saying it was absurd that i should be kicked out off my own bed and that she trusted me so we could share the bed.

Anna then began thanking me profusely and confessed that it was the first time that she is staying out without her parents. She then asked me if there was anything she could do for me before she retired to bed. I took a chance and tested the waters by saying a neck massage would be nice. She threw a few cushions on the floor and asked me to lie down.

Believe me when I say that until this point there was nothing sexual between us. I was quite astonished when instead of massaging me from the side or front , Anna straddled me and started working on my knots.

I only realised that she had no underwear on when she started rubbing her now sopping wet pussy on my back. I got a start and and turned around to find her removing her sleepshirt over her head being totally naked now. ..

She leaned foward and kissed me full on the mouth. At first I was dumbstruck and then slowly returned the kiss. It was like a dream. Anna was a vision of an angel. About 1.6m , slim, brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, nice size boobs with erect pink nipples. She then broke the kiss and uttered the following words which will be etched in my brains forever.: " Please fuck me....I don't want to be a Virgin anymore"

The gravity of the situation dawned on me. Here I was in the 80's with a young white girl sitting naked on top of me. I was sure to be bliksemmed if I was ever caught or worse even killed.

I asked her if she was sure of what she wanted and why she chose me. She confessed that she found my brown skin and physique very alluring and knew by now I was a good kisser. I had not planned the evening this way and as luck would have it I had no condoms. She made me promise that I would get condoms in the morning and make love to her. In the meantime I could do anything I wanted except intercourse as she did not want to fall pregnant.

Anna then proceeded to remove my shirt and started kissing me and biting me all over my chest. She then pulled down my jeans and underwear in one motion and took my now raging hardon in her mouth. I have always been clean shaved , circumsized 18cm when erect and Thick something she found quite fascinating.

I then cradled Anna in my arms and carried her to my bed. She stretched out luxuriously with arms outstretched . I crawled over her and started kissing her forehead, eyes ,cheeks and them lips. Her lips opened and my tongue probed inside. Soon her Tongue was wrestling with mine and our lips were locked. My rock hard Shaft Was Now nudging At her nether Lips. I kissed her neck and slowly licked my way down to her boobs taking one nipples then the other into my mouth. I bit her nipples gently and sucled on her boobs and then kissed my way lower down. Her smooth soft white skin was a huge turn on for me. . ..I dipped my tongue into her belly button and planted love bites all over her tummy. Anna was bucking and moaning by now holding my head and pushing me lower onto her wet warm centre.

Her pussy was sopping wet and her pink lips were now bordering on crimson, all puffy and wet. I ran my tongue between her sweet salty folds and licked her. I sucked on each and every fold and licked her from the bottom to her erect clit. Anna was now thrashing about like crazy and moaning with passion. I kissed her inner thighs and licked my way lower, behind her knees, calves and then ankles. Anna had cute dainty feet with bright red nail polish. I kissed her ankles and the arches of both her feet and kissed and sucked each jewel of a toe which drove her wild.

I slowly kissed my way upwards towards her dripping centre. Her pink engorged pussy lips drove me crazy. I licked and sucked her delicious pie and slipped my tongue deep inside. I grabbed her buttocks and sucked hard till I felt her throbbing on my lips as she orgasmed and messed my face with her sweet nectar. It took her a few minutes to subside from her orgasm. Anna then got me on my back and took me in her mouth and sucked me deep before licking my sacs. She then straddled me and placed her sopping wet pussy over my shaft and proceeded to slide up and down along my rigid member. Once or twice it slipped and nudged her hood. She ground her pussy over my shaft until I exploded and as I was ejaculating she took me into her mouth and sucked me dry.

It was the most erotic experience I had until then. We drifted off to sleep, naked and intertwined in blissful pleasure.....

Part 2 to follow. .....The morning after