Written by Out of towner encounter

21 Jun 2015

The day started chilled when a text came through from D asking if I had any plans for the afternoon. Knowing he is not from my part of the country asked if he was in town. He was not but was prepared to drive through for some fun. We agreed. The excitement and anticipation made my loins melt. A few hours later he arrived with a soothing bottle of wine. We chilled and got to know one another.

Him being a bit shy I started undressing sitting across him. He started touching and teasing me with his tongue from my hard nipples down to my smooth shaven pussy. He sucked and nibbled my clit while finger fucking my pussy. Mmmm it felt so good, crying out with the pleasure I squirted all over his face.

He then laid me down roughly and tied my hands over my head and blindfolded me. He started teasing my nipples with his mouth while finger fucking me. The anticipation of what his next move will be drove me insane with ecstacy. I begged him to fuck me deep and hard. He teased and teased and suddenly entered me deep and rough causing my whole body to shake with lust arching my back and filling his cock with squirt and he my pussy with his sweet cum.

A small break before we started arousing each other. He tunred me on my back holding my hands above my head entering me tough and deep. I'm gasping and crying out with each stroke he makes in my pussy filling his cock with my warm cum.

I roll him over and start teasing his nice big hard cock and balls with my mouth and tongue. He moans with pleasure crying out what a good blow job I give and pulls me away before wants to cum. We teased and pleased for hours ending with me

my back blindfolded being teased with a feather and being finger fucked. My first experience doing this. The tingling of the feather drives me insane and I soak him with cum. As I'm squirting he enters me hard and deep and empties his cum inside me.

This evening and morning will never be forgotten. It was worth the wait.