Written by Nsaguy

19 Feb 2018

What a weekend i had. Friday after work decided to go for a few drinks with some colleagues. We went to capital craft was a good vibe and enjoyable.

After a few drinks i got up the courage to order drinks to a table of ladies, and they were greatful. Especially the one.

I went to the table introduced myself and for me the lady in red showing some interest was intriguing. My work colleagues left and i stayed obviously hoping to close the deal.

And it did. We ended up going to my place, had a few more drinks and then the fun started. We ended up in the shower with me bending her over and cumming all over her back. But round two was something spectacular. We were relaxing in the bed and she started to go down on me and damn what a mouth she has, i worked my fingers to her pussy and started to rub her clit with her moans on my cock all i can say is wow. I couldnt anymore i pulled her off my cock and went down on her my tongue licking her tiny clit while a finger in her tight beautiful little pussy. One orgasm, two orgasms and we both couldnt anymore, i got ontop and fucked her hard, holding her and making her moan and moan orgasm after orgasm. She wanted to be on top of me, so obviously i wont say no. She starts to ride me and o my can her hips thrust. She moves faster and faster till she lifts off and squirts on me and damn that never happened to me before and apparently to her what amazing experience.

I loved her little ass and her asshole so i asked if she wanted another first time experience, i told her lets try anal. She agreed and j decided to be gentle for her.

We started dogging while my finger worled its way inside her little ass. Then i started with the head of my penis, then the shaft and she moaned with joy. Started slow till i could really fuck her little ass. I couldnt wait and neither could she., i exploded all up in her ass. We jist laid there sweaty and tired. That was a friday night, stil had Saturday and sunday to go. Till next time