Written by Stamina

13 Dec 2012

I am lucky enough to have a very sexy 21yr old girlfriend (we met when she was 19). About 2 months into the relationship, she started mentioning how she likes girls and that she is curious. So we started to "look around" for oppertunities. As expected, nothing ever came our way. I joined this site in the hopes of getting her a hot girl, and again, nothing materialised. So last night out of the blue she said she wants to go to Teazers. I said "lets go to Chivalry". A bit emptier and more intimate than Teazers. And we went...

We walked in and straight away this extremely gorgeous stripper with the most perfect body ever walked over and introduced herself. 15 minutes later, she was on my girlfriend, straddling her. The were kissing passionately and rubbing every inch of each others body. A few Tequila's later and they were both on stage at the pole... My girlfriend worked that pole like a pro, yet she has never done pole dancing. The show was so good that the owner came over and offered me a refund of my entrance fee! I accepted - more drinking money! My girlfriend and the stipper had a long conversation about th trippers past relationships - both straight and lesbian relationships. Conversation ended and things got very interesting! Like when you have to pinch yourself to make sure you are awake and this is really hapening...

This stripper was on me as much as on her, and we loving every minute. At midnight, the stripper (won't mention name) said that her shift ends soon and we are welcome to go to her place. I said that there is probably a charge attached. She said no, she is not a "working girl", only a dancer. So I accepted. My girlfriend asked what will happen when we get there? Stripper smiled at her, opened her legs, shifted her panties to one side and licked her for about 3 seconds! The kneeled infront of me and unzipped me... Took out my almost bursting erect penis, and took it in her mouth all the way to her throat! She stopped, stood up, and said "so you guys coming over or not?".

I downed my beer in a half a second! We went out, got in the car and followed her. She stays all the way in Fourways. Got her townhouse and went inside. There was no talking! She pushed me against the lounge wall, snapped the pin on my belt buckle in her vigorous efforts to remove my Levis. She sucked it like a pornstar - I had to use all my concentration to not cum in seconds! After about a minute of this, she stopped and turned to my girfriend, who was just standing there staring...

She pushed her over and she fell back on the couch. Mel licked her like there is no tomorrow! She came in about 4 minutes.

Mel turned back to me and said "fuck her"! So I kneeled infront my girlfriend and penetrated! I carried on this position for about 3 minutes when Mel tapped me on the shoulder. She said "what about me?". I looked at Katie. She had a look on her face said no... But to my surprise, she said - "fuck her babe - do it!". I asked her if she has condoms, she said yes and went into another room, returned with a closed box. I took one out and rolled it down myself. She had already started eating Katies pussy again, so I inserted from behind - She was so tight that I had to control myself again!

I could only go another 5 or so minutes and the end was there! I asked where do they want this? Katie said "cum on her tits babe"... Mel turned quickly and released my constricting hand from my own penis, pulled the condom off in a flash. She grabbed it tight and did a twisting and stroking movement with her hand - OMG!!! I have never felt a more amazing technique in my life! I can't even do it that well! She pushed her chest out making her already perfect breasts even more beautiful... I finished on her breasts and sat down on the couch behind me. I needed to compose myself.

Katie said she is not done, Mel said "me niether". I said that I would go outside for a smoke and they should carry on. They did. We had a cup of coffee, exchanged numbers, and we left. Katie said that she had 3 amazing orgasms! When we got home, we shagged like crazy!

This is the Honest to God truth! I still can not believe this happened last night! Seeing Mel again on Saturday! Can't wait for that perfect bum and incredible breasts! And the nicest legs ever! Those sultry Hazel eyes and "Angelina Jole" lips. OMG, this girl was absolutely breathtaking! A vision!