Written by Anonymous

03 Jul 2019

There is nothing on TV, and I am all alone. A friend mentioned a site for adults that practice a freedom of exploring their sexuality. My hands were shaking as I started to put my details in. I had several times read what the website was all about, but always hesitated to join. I thought what the heck if I don't like it, then I can delete it. And so I registered on SH for the first time. Messages started popping up and likes of a couple of pictures I had posted. And I read one message after another. For some reason one guy's profile stood out from all the rest. He gave his number, and I saved it on my phone and took the plunge and made contact. He started to chat immediately. I felt so comfortable with him, and he asked a lot of the right questions. It had been approximately eight years since I had sex with a man. Prior to that my toys had been my adult entertainment. He arranged to come one morning early. Up to the playdate, he would chat to me. He was specific of what he wanted. On the morning of the playdate, I got up early lit candles in the flat as it was still dark outside. I put on my lace lingerie with a lace panty, as that drove him nuts knowing I was going to put it on. I mentioned my toys and he wanted some of them to make it a bit interesting; my anal beads and butt plug. He let me know he was at the gate, and I started to shiver. Opening the door I still could not believe what I was letting myself into. He grabbed me and kissed me hard; his tongue swirling in my mouth my hands all over him feeling every part of him. He took me to the kitchen, lifted me up and put me on the counter I laid back, he pulled my panty off and started to feel his way around my clit and pussy with his tongue, eating me. I arched my back from pleasure. He took the anal beads and put them in gently. He lifted me down from the kitchen counter and asked to close my eyes. He lead me into my room. Where he put me on the bed and had his way with me, fucking me for what seemed to have been hours. I lost complete control and had one orgasm after another, soaking wet. In positions I never thought possible. I returned the favor to suck his hard cock and moved my tongue and mouth all the way down to his balls. Sucking and licking enjoying every moment. We eventually laid in one another's arms catching our breaths. For the first time, I am having fun, and more importantly feel at home, with others friends I have made, exploring what I only could have dreamt about. Thanks SH for such awesome site with great people. Today that guy is my regular fuck buddy, amongst a couple of others good friends I have made.

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