Written by relaxed

10 Nov 2014

Just about a week or so ago i was browsing and checking out some pics etc. I gave a couple a compliment on the pic that i viewed and not long i received a msg back thanking me for the compliment and also said how they appreciate it. In that very same msg they said that they would like to get together with me and also asked if i would love to do dogging. The msg also read that if my answer is yes we can find a venue or if i have a venue then i must let them know and we can have some fun. We exchanged numbers and me and Mr started chatting the following day... asked each other a few questions and send some pics. The pics he send me of mrs was just making me so horny as she is one hot and sexy looking lady. I asked them when they want this to happen and the reply was that very same evening (Tuesday). I was not available that evening and asked them how about tomorrow night (wednesday) and they were not available again but then we decided on friday. After we decided on the date we kept on chatting and also decided on the venue which was in the blouberg area. It seemed to me that the next couple of day just took forever and mr also told me if the venue is to far out for me etc then we can also make it another time...i said NO its fine i will come. Friday i was called in late to sort out something at work and i was running late as the time we set was 20:30 ... I msg mr and told him that i was running late and he asked if im going to come ... i said yes i wont drop them and i will come ... after i sorted out things at work i was on my way and msg mr to say im on my way and just made sure about the location ... he told me where they parked and what vehicle etc ... i pulled up next to them very nervous as it is my first time and i got out of the car but being the wonderful excellent couple that they are they got out aswell and welcomed me ...mr with a hand sake and when mrs came around i saw that her pics does her no justice as she was much more sexier in person and she greeted me with a hug and while i hugged her i moved my hand over her ass and at the same time gave it a gentle squeeze ... what a firm ass she have. She had on a short black dress for easy excess ... smile ... We introduced ourselves to each other and i told them the reason for me being late they said its all good and not to worry and at the same time we got into their car with me and mrs getting in the back and mr infront. We chatted for a few minutes and while we were chatting i started to rub mrs slowly and gently all over while we talked and when i slide my hand down from the breast down between her legs she obliged and opened her legs further and i rubbed over her undies. I stopped and said i wanna put something in my car and while i did this she removed her undies and when she was done taking it off i started to suck her breast which was so nice and perky awaiting it and i sucked her nipples and could feel it getting hard and all this while i slide my hand between her legs. After sucking her breast i moved down and started licking her pussy and WOW was she sweet ... can still taste her... i licked and sucked her pussy while fingering her at the same time and while doing this i heard her asking mr if he could she and he said yes. I pulled her more down and continue sucking her sweet pussy and sticking my tongue inside of her till she was nice and wet. I then lifted her and took of my short pants i had on and sticked my cock inside her mouth and she started sucking me and wow can she suck ... i started to fuck her mouth and kept her head there until she have to take my cock out every now and then to breath. I think mr must have gotten so horny that while she sucked me he opened the door on the side her ass was facing and she moved outside ... now she is standing outside bending while sucking me who is inside the vehicle and mr started to fuck her doggy style while i fucked her mouth faster ... she sucked my balls and again took me inside her mouth untill she was looking for breath or slight gags. I got out of the car and slide a condom on and swapped positions with mr ... i started fucking her from behind and i did not wanted to stop fucking her as she just wanted more and at times pushed back in me which was such a wonderful feeling altogether as i could feel her swollen pussy lips wrapped around my cock. I turned her around on her back while she was outside and i pulled her closer to me which was outside the car and i started fucking her for a while like that and turned her around again...i used oil and massage her anus while fucking her doggy style and every now and then slide the tip of my finger in her ass which was very tight. I fucked her like that till i could feel a build up from my side and pulled out and turned her around...i pulled the condom off and guided my cock into her mouth and shoot a load into her mouth while she sucked me dry and swallowed every drop ... that was the BEST ever orgasm i have had ever.

I asked them if i could submit my experience with them and they said yes and i just want to thank this amazing couple for granting me my first dogging experience... THANKS YOU GUYS...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.....