Written by Mason2016

08 Feb 2016


Firstly thank you for choosing my story to read. Feel free to check out my profile here and if anything interests you, drop me a message. Back to my story

This happened last week, I have been chatting to this single mum for a while now (unfortunately not on here but another platform) and we have always discussed what would happen when we meet.

Anyways, we decided to meet up last Thursday at a bird sanctuary and she parked her little tata in a wide open spot, I was a bit nervous as I parked next to her and got into her car. We chatted for a while and as we spoke her hand moved to my thigh and began rubbing my cock. I spread my legs a bit wider making it easier for her and as she felt how hard I got, took out a condom and drop my pants while sitting in the back seat. Now she had my fully erected stiff cock open and exposed in her hand as she slowly kept jerking it up and down, using my own running pre-cum as lubrication.

She suddenly stopped and pulled off her pants and undies as I rolled down the condom and got more comfortable by easing my butt off the seat. As soon as she climbed on me while facing me, she let out a gasp of ecstasy as my thick hard rod slipped deep into her already dripping wet pussy.

With both her hands on the back dash of her tiny tata, she rode my cock hard and fast until i felt her pussy explode and her juices running down my balls, at that point I squeezed her ass tight as I fucked my cock deeper into her making her moan as I finally shot my load off deep within her pussy and slipped out of her.

I cleaned up my dick as she thanked me for the great fuck and said that she could not wait to meet me and do it all over again.

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, cheers for now.