Written by MASON2016

25 Feb 2016

Let me first just say that I am not always available as I am married and so when the opportunity knocks, I grab it with both hands. This happened about 2 years ago and unfortunately I was not on this site when this happened. I am a very naughty and horny married guy that does not get enough at home.

Anyways, I placed an ad in the personal section under pseudonym as I do not want people knowing my real name. The ad was to have NSA discreet sexual fun and open minded fun. Anyways, I got a hit on my ad and this white guy contacted me and we chatted for a while until the day came that I was available as my wife had left town on a business trip (happens not so often).

The guy wanted to meet me at his work place which was not far off from where I worked at the time and so I agreed. After work I drove to his workplace and texted him once I was in the parking lot. He came to the door and greeted me and let me in and locked the door behind me. We headed up the stairs to the boardroom where surprise to me, there was this sexy black lady sitting there in just her underwear. He walked up to her and kissed her telling her there I am for her to enjoy. She stripped and walked up to me and undid my pants and shirt. Dropped my pants to the floor with my boxes and pushed me back into a boardroom chair as she leaned down and started to suck my cock.

While she sucked me the guy was behind her eating her smooth pussy and then he helped her suck my cock and I could feel the both of them sandwich my dick between their mouths as they took turns to swallow my shaft. That was the first time I felt a guy sucking me. He then stood up and rolled down a condom on his cock and grabbed he from behind as he started fucking her pussy while she kept on sucking me. The more he fucked her pussy, the more her head went down on my cock taking me all in. He fucked her for 10 minutes and eventually both of us came, I shot my load in her mouth as she kept sucking and spat my cum off my dick. She wiped my cock with a tissue and saw that I am still hard while the white guy was spent and going limp.

She was shocked that I was still hard and gave me a few sucks before I rolled down a condom and directed her to the boardroom table. As I lay on my back, I helped her up on me and as she slowly lowered herself on my rock hard cock, I felt just how tight her pussy was and she moaned looking at the white guy saying how hard and thick I am and I could feel her pussy juices running down my balls as she started to ride me.

I fucked her for 30minutes making her cum a couple of times until I shot my load in that condom. She leaned down kissed me and slip off as she took the condom of and gave my cock one last long suck. The guy was shocked that I came twice and fucked her so long and then led us out the building as we all went our separate ways.

I never heard from or met either one since.

Ps: Your thoughts are welcome