16 Feb 2018

From where I stood I could clearly see her fingers frantically rubbing her wet cunt. Fast, up, down legs spread wide. The neighbour’s house is very close to our house. Their stunning daughter of about 24 is visiting from overseas. Her bedroom window is facing our house and thus the perfect view of her finger fucking herself so frantically.

Long blond hair, full set of boobs and a smooth shaven little cunt. Every now and then she licks her own pussy juice from her finger which seems to increase the intensity with which she attacks her cunt again. From the side she pulls a huge dildo. Opening her legs wide she rams the dildo deep into her wet snatch.

I could feel my cock jumping to attention. Slowly wanking myself I watched as she had an exploding orgasm, shaking and rolling from side to side. One hand was rubbing her one tit, the other still pumping on the dildo. She pulled the dildo from her and started a mind blowing blow job on the dildo. She left none of her juice on the big toy.

She stood on her knees, spread her legs, ass facing my way and inserted the dildo into her cunt again. By know the pre cum was dripping from my cock. “And what would you be doing” my wife’s friend, Fiona’s voice broke the silence. She was as bisexual as they come. Stuttering I told her to have a look through the window, still pumping my rod. She came over and looked at the girl thrusting her toy in and out of herself.

As my wife was attending a work function and would only be back the next day I thought that this can be a fun situation. I could see that Fiona was instantly aroused by what she saw, and me pumping my cock nonstop in front of her, intensified her arousal. She came over and took my shaft in her hand, starting to wank me slowly. My wet pre cum-covered cockhead made wet noises as she wanked me.

Unbuttoning her blouse, her small but firm tits were right for my warm mouth to start sucking. First one, then the other. Her nipples became hard and long. Being able to put most of a tit in my mouth I sucked hard. She was pushing my head onto her tits moaning all the time. Looking at her I saw that her eyes were still glued onto the girl next door fucking herself vigorously.

Unbuttoning her shorts they dropped to the floor. She was wearing a small silk G- string panty and I could see the dampness at the front. She was as wet as can be! I rubbed her wet pussy through the panty, feeling how the fabric was slipping over the wet lips making the rubbing motion smooth slippery and nice. She opened her legs and I started rubbing deeper between her legs. When I stopped sucking her boob we started kissing.

It was one of those wet hungry mouth-seeking mouth kisses when you feel you cannot get your tongue deep enough into her mouth. And as my tongue explored her mouth she started sucking on my tongue as if it was a cock. Sucking, flicking her tongue around mine. By now my hand was moving faster between her legs, her panty was sopping wet.

I pushed on her shoulders, forcing her to sit in front of me. I took my cock which was already removed from my pants and ran it across her lips. She opened her mouth and started licking my head with a warm wet tongue, breath racing with lust. I did not allow her to take my cock into her mouth yet. Teasing her with what was to come I would dip it in slightly and pull back again.

One hand was caressing my balls, the other on my ass, trying to push my cock deeper into her mouth. She looked up at me with cock in her mouth and I could see the smouldering lust in her eyes. I looked out the window and realised that we are in turn now being watched by the neighbour’s daughter! She was standing by her window and in full view rubbing her pussy with her hand.

Fiona released my cock and stood up. I turned her to face the girl next door and started playing with her perky tits for the girl to see. I took Fiona’s hand and placed it on her own pussy telling her to play with herself for the girl to see. She was eager to please, opened her legs and started rubbing her cunt wildly. I stood behind her and played with her tits. Every now and then I would make her bent down and suck my cock for a while looking straight into the girl next door’s eyes.

After a while I bent Fiona over a chair in the room, placing it sideways so that our sexy neighbour can see me pushing into Fiona’s cunt. We are looking at her and she is following our every move. Fiona was very wet and her cunt was burning hot as I pumped away. On the other side of the fence the girl was finger fucking herself with legs wide open, rubbing her own tits while doing so.

I could feel an orgasm coming on quickly. Fiona was panting and moaning all at the same time. My balls were banging against her buttocks with a slapping noise. In the way she tensed up I knew that she was cuming. She screamed at the girl that she wants to suck her pussy, fuck her and make her lick out her wet cunt. That drove me over the edge. I pulled out of her pussy, turned her around and made her swallow my load by squirting it into her mouth from a small distance so the sexy girl next door can see my cum spurting into Fiona’s mouth.

We looked at each other and knew that the next encounter will not have a fence between us.