Written by Herbig

05 Dec 2016

I'd done a brekkies run out to Harties and was just pulling in to a particular garage along the way when I saw this silver merc ahead of me. As I drove past where it was parked I saw a set of sleek thighs exiting on the drivers side. I quickly parked my bike and mad sure I kept in view of what was walking away from the merc. Must be the sexiest bird I ever saw in a long time. I was heading into the restaurant myself to get a bite to eat and so was she. So I'm like standing in the que ready to pay and she's like way behind me and its one of those long ques. Looked like she was hopping around nervous to get going so I wave at her, get her attention and pretend I know her. She's like surprised but takes my game and comes over and I let her slip in front of me. The chick behind us wasn't happy so shes's like moaning that I pulled a move so I put my arm around this ladybird I just rescued and she plays along. We get to the till and I pay for her and my stuff and we walk out arm in arm but she's rearing to go. I ask whats the rush and she's like she's got to go. I walk her to her car, open her door and she looks me direct in the eye while climbing in and I catch her dress riding those thighs and I can't help commenting. So she gives me her business card and asks me to call her another time so we can chat. She drives off and I look at the business card. Massage therapist.

part two...

I phone the massage therapist and kept it strictly professional also seeing that I was at the office. Booked an appointment and went by this afternoon (Tuesday),during lunch.

Ok, I’ll give the low down of what ladybird had on. A tightish white tracksuit type pants and I could make out a toe between her tight thighs. Over this she had on a loose fitting white cotton shirt. I was on the bed for a Hawaiian. Anyone who’s had a Hawaiian would know it’s quiet intimate a massage. She gave me a towel to change into while she went out the room. Everything was very pro. She came back and I was on my back. She started on my legs and I’m like waiting for the moment when her hands get to the topmost point of my thighs. I was lying facing the ceiling and checking out the view from that angle and I see this poster just in my view against the wall at the back of me. And it’s of a sex kitten in yoga pants doing some move on the beach at sunset. So finding a point from where to depart with a conversation because by now its getting kinda quiet. Then she got real chirpy and things changed a bit. And suddenly I feel her fingers brushing my balls and because she’s such an effing hotty herself I’m like trying to hold back a boner. So she comments on it. And I’m like what the fuck and let my cock push my towel right up. And she’s smiling big time now. She must be used to this sort of thing happening, although she didn’t come across as a hooker or anything like that. So I like compliment her on her sexy outfit just to see how far this whole show is going. She got silent again and working my bod, her hands hot on my skin and I’m like seriously horny. And I ask her if she ever gets turned on while she’s working. And she’s like laughing and says depends on who’s on the bed and I’m like holy cow this chicks playing me. I pushed her on that one and eventually she says exactly that I’m pushing her and that she likes the tease but she reserves other things for hubby. And I’m like wondering what’s next. By then she was on my back, working the middle section with those long strokes and I feel her so close and can smell her. Fuck she must’ve been turned on because things were getting very hot and she was fully aware of it. But she never let on to it. She worked every inch of my bod and I was like hoping that maybe there would be a happy ending in some way. But naught she got so damn close to me rubbing me and I could smell her sex…gawd it was awesome. She’s a pro no doubt…not a hooker and I respect her for this. Then I just let go and let her get on with it until all was done. An hour and half later I was as happy as a pig in shit and back behind my desk at work. So much for finger licking good although it wasn’t a let-down at all.