Written by Mrs Nautghy

28 Sep 2017

So at a lunch with some girl friends the cocktails were flowing and the tongues were going as well.

Katy, Denise and I were talking about the sexual antics and naughty kinks of our husbands and Katy said she is so tiered of her man asking for anal! Now I am not adverse to anal as I have actually grown to enjoy it when the mood is right and provides hubby goes slow. Katy said that there is no way she didn’t mind him rubbing her little rose bud, but she didn’t want anything up there.

Denise sat there quietly just smirking away. I asked what her idea was she said she had sorted the anal debacle rather easily. Her man could have anal only after she gave him some anal. To her surprise he first resisted but later on a drunken night he relented. Denise says she first stared with lots of lube and just her finger and apparently in a few short strokes he exploded into the back of her mouth and all over her. She says it’s become a somewhat regular endevour and they thinking of using a toy on him.

This got me thinking immediately and I devised my plan to get my hubby in this position as well. Now my hubby is far more open minded in this respect and whilst we were playing in the shower I decided to take a chance whilst blowing his cock I was ravaging his cock and balls as he sat on the shower chair. I motioned him to the edge of the chair to expose his little butt. I circled his little butt running harder and harder and then suddenly I just proved a little and he was hard, harder than before. We went on like this for about 3minutes then I got adventurous and started going in and out. A few strokes in and I was covered with cum on my face and boobs.

Hubby sat there for a few minutes collecting his thoughts etc. When he came to the room he was ready to go again and he got to exact the same actions on my butt.

Katy unfortunately did not have the same success her hubby has informed her he is not gay? They stuck and even more so as Katy is more determined than ever to deny him access.