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15 Jan 2021

Finding a younger FWB..part 2

we carry on...


4 minute read

Back then before fanny shaving, ladies had bushy pussy's and I remember how when you removed a ladies panties her pubes would be neatly nestled against her mound ready to be disturbed by wandering hands. This is exactly the view I was looking at as this young lady finally , after having taken off her Tshirt, lowered her jeans and then her panties. She looked me directly in the eyes as she stripped, totally unselfconscious. If you ask me, thats the height of sexiness, any woman who has this confidence has that secret quality; sexiness. She took my hand and led the way to the sofa, she sat down with me next to her, ran her hands through my hair, lent back with her hand on her stomach which wasnt flat as a wash board but soft and slightly rounded almost like puppy fat. I took my clothes off , then completely naked as her we groped, kissed, felt, touched and generally got totally worked up. We walked to the pool and dived in, met somewhere in the middle kissing further and swam up and down while embracing until we each couldnt hold out and she grabbed my balls , cradling them and sliding along my now very hard cock as I traced fingers between her bum cheeks to her pussy and thighs. There was a short frustrating break as she went in to get me one of her condoms and them we lay on the carpet just inside the lounge and she unrolled it onto me as I put me head between her thighs and explored with my tongue and fingers. She was then lowered her pussy onto my face ,watching through her cleavage and one hand holding and slowly stroking my cock. We were in the classic 69 position , me on my back and her on top , her pussy still wet from the pool and also from her cunt juices playing herself on my tongue which just wanted to lick her as deeply as was possible. then she rolled over and lay down on her back, I sat next to her one hand on her tits and face and shoulders, through her hair ,in her mouth as she sucked my fingers and my other hand was between her thighs ,inside her pussy ,out and around till her pubes were wet with her juices and neither of us could wait. I rolled her over and with her back facing me got inbetween her legs.I lifted her hips slightly as I aimed my cock to her cunt and her hand did the final guiding.I slipped straight into her, going in halfway, out then slowly to full depth till my body was right up against her. She sucked in her breath and pulled away a little saying it was too deep so the next forward thrust was less deep , but when as a man you enter a woman thats what you want, a long slow deep sinking of cock into wet warmth. I fucked her slowly deeply licking her spine and after a while she told me she wanted to be on top. This time she controlled the depth, grinding her clit onto my body as it met her, she reached back and cupped my balls and stroked them as she rocked on me and then she leaned forward and crushed her tits onto me, held my head and whispered...i just came.... Thats a trigger, knowing the woman you are fucking has come, and I lost it and felt my cock and balls jerking spunk from somewhere deep down. We got up, I was still pretty hard, the benefit of youth....took off the rubber and after a clean up we had a shot of tequilla or something. A quick dip in the pool again and back to entwining ourselves , talking and describing what else mainly she wanted to do. She got some red lipstick and painted both of our nipples, rubbed each other genitals with ice and licked various drinks off each other, in between fucking, licking sucking, exploring even at one stage she pulled her bum cheeks and sked me to touch her , not pushing my finger into her arse but just touching it and watching how she flinched at the touch. We fucked in every position we could think of, taking turns to watch as my cock slid into her reflected on a small mirror, she even got her hairbrush and facing me made me watch as she slid the handle into herself... I dont remember what time we finished or how many more times we came but eventually it was sleep. The next morning after a shower and coffee we managed another round but she was feeling sensitive all over and after a while I went home grinning from ear to ear at what had happened. A call from her later confirmed she had spent time re living parts of the night and how elated the experience had left her. We did do more meetings and part 3 will be here soon...

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