Written by sissyslut69

02 Jul 2015

So lastnight I went to the Rec Room. I walked in and there was not much people inside.

So i walked around checking the place for a while. I was was getting bored until I saw a older man walk into to sauna.

After 5 minutes, i went in, and we started talking. So i asked him if he would like a blowjob, he agreed. We then left the sauna and went into a booth. So he dropped his towel and my God, that was the biggest cock I ever seen, it was around 21cm and thick. I started sucking him nice and slow until he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

So i told him to go deep and hard, I could feel his cock move in and out my throat. He fucked my throat like a wet pussy. He then put on a condom and bent me over, I knew that it's time to get fucked, he slowly slid his cock in me and it felt great. Next thing I know, his fucking me hard and fast. I could feel his cock destroy my asshole. After about and hour of fucking, he pulled out, removed the condom, turned me over and shove that beautiful cock as deep as he could in my throat.

He held my head tightly so I could move. After 5 minutes of fucking my throat again, I could feel that he was going to cum, he then exploded his directly in my throat....

I could feel his warm load slid down my throat and it was alot of cum.

It was the best thing ever.

Bow I'm keen on taking on 2 guys thr next time I'm there....:-)