Written by NoRomantic

09 Feb 2014

I went to a couple's house after chatting & swopping pics but the day before. Their kids were away for weekend and they're experienced swingers. A wonderful couple.

Just a short bit of conversation & he asked if I wanted to jacuzzi. It felt great being naked outside. We chatted comfortably about our experiences etc, all the while feeling his half hard cock brushing against my leg and her hard nipples floating in the water. He asked, well more said he's going to kiss me & did. I then took his cock in my hand and found her pussy, but they said let's go to the room.We dried off and got on to the bed.

She and I kissed, he and I kissed, then they kissed while my tongue found her nipple. I told her to lie back, opened her legs and I bent over on edge of bed & licked her. I felt his hand on my pussy, then it disappeared again. I could hear the sound of rubber while i licked her. And then I felt a nice hard cock pressing at my lips. I was already wet, which he obviously felt earlier. She said "you can fuck my husband" & I replied "well, too late, his cock is sliding in me right now". He fucked me as I licked her, her saying "mmm that sounds so good, sounds right".Then he told her to get on all 4's, and I lied down again...him fucking her and her licking me.He wanted us to lie next to each other. But she got up and fetched 2 similar vibrators for us both. We lay next to each other, hubby lay on his side, us on our backs. I lifted my legs & he slid his cock in me as i draped my legs over his side. On his side position he could fuck me while his head was at her pussy. We both held the vibrators on our clits, me touching her nipple and her kissing my arm now and then, and his cock fucking me with my clit stimulated felt so good. I loved every thrust & quite soon I came on his cock & he fucked harder & faster until I calmed down. I apologized for being so loud and she said "no please I'm listening to you". He kept fucking and I complimented him for lasting quite long.

He then took condom off and fucked her again for a bit, still not cumming while I sucked her nipple. He stopped again, probably holding back to orgasm.She said she wanted to cum & best way for her was with her toy. First I fingered her while she had vibrator on her clit,.but then she said "no wait lie between hubby and me. But I offered to suck him instead.

So now they were lying next to each other and I sucked him. She said few times "mm so sexy" and he'd say "It feels good". I sucked him with gust, licking his tip underneath rubbing his shaft, sucked his shaven balls and back up his.shaft. my spit started wetting his cock severly and he moaned. I asked him if I should continue or if he wants finish inside her. They both said no pls continue, she's going to cum in a bit. So I sucked him deep, focusing on my gag reflexes, rubbing his tip on my tip and gripping his shaft as i rubbed. I could see the muscle on his shaven pelvis jump, his legs quivering and his hand gripped the bed. And wonderfully she started moaning as well...they actually came at same time. When she was done she sat up and giggled that he still had some cum coming out and it looked so sexy.

We cleaned up, chatted again and I left. It was awesome.Next day she messaged to say thanks, it was good & will meet again. I asked her if they managed to turn their friends who slept.over into swingers. And she sais "you wont believe it but yes! we had same rom sex!"Fun couple!