Written by NoRomantic

13 Sep 2013

Met a man few days back for coffee, so he could check me out for him and his partner. We hit it off straight away. he couldnt keep his eyes off my tits and also told me they were gorgeous and his partner would love them.

So we arranged to meet last night after work, just for a chat and touch session...nothing serious...to possibly lead to a long 3sum soon after.

She walked over with him, her eyes inspecting me face intensely...I got out and gave her a wide smile and she hugged me tight....and the ice was broken.

I got in with them in his double-cab, him gesturing he placed a mattress in back for us, we're going to the beach. We found a secluded spot to stop with only one car off in the distance. She and I took off our underwear so we could just lift our dresses if we felt the urge to play. We talked for only a few minute and joked and laughed when he asked her if he could show me her tits. She said yes and she lay back, he lifted her dress up and they were gorgeous. Round full, brown nipples. I kissed her and went down to her nipples and my hand found her small pussy. I asked her if she likes it on clit or inside, and she gestured inside...so I worked her pussy with my finger while he watched. She got so worked up and hot she lifted my dress and her hand found my already wet pussy. And all she could mutter was "sjoe..so juicy". We worked each others' pussies and he asked if he could feel how juicy I am and she said yes.

he felt me and also exclaimed "my god so wet" They let me lay down this time...she sat necxt to me and I fingered her pussy while he had two fingers in me and my one hand working my clit. It was so awesome...an orgasm came over me and I gyrated and wriggled on his hand and moaned. He said to her "fuck baby she i gushing cum on my hand, come feel here".

And she did...she put her hand over my pussy, she looked wild now. So we let her lie down again. I licked her pussy for a while, her saying "she's definitely done this before"...her moaning and wriggling aroundm til my jaw got tired and I replaced my mouth with my finger. She looked gorgeous her legs up in the air, her pussy spread and ass cheeks spread.

he asked her if he could test my sucking skills, she said yes. So I started sucking him and, in his words, his toes curled as I (in her words) sucked him with gust and sucked his balls into my mouth, while he tried to finger her but couldnt really concentrate. She she got behind me and fingered my pussy as I sucked him..him moaning and talking dirty to us. He kept his orgasm in...so I told her to fuck him.

She got on top of him and rode his cock and came twice, while I wet his balls with my cum and rubbed them as she fucked him.

She got off him again and I had my finger on her clit again and we spread her again, one leg resting on his shoulder and one leg on my shoulder. I fingered her pussy and sucked him right after she was on his cock, but then I focused on her, played with her clit and he had a finger up her ass...and it looked fucken gorgeous. She moaned and wriggled again.

It was now dark and we were in a secluded spot. So she said we should think of leaving shortly. The poor man hadn't cum yet, but the session was more for us ladies to enjoy and familiarise.

We got out the bakkie, and got dressed right there outside the bakkie, not even feeling the cold anymore.

This morning he messaged me saying she enjoyed it and wants to make a long session if it. They discussed my sucking technique on way back, and she wants me to teach her.

I cannot wait for our next session!