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16 Jun 2013

FFM 3some


2 minute read

Couple contacted me few days ago, chatted with the wife and had group chat with her and hubby. I've had 4somes, but not a 3some yet. We arranged that I go there the weekend. Chatted with a bottle of wine to calm the nerves. Hubby had to go get another bottle. Eventually she went to go shower and I suggested I get into a towel too to make her more comfortable. Sat on couch and I said I'm gona kiss her now, her hubby sitting across us watching. I take her towel off and lick her nipples, her breathing getting heavier. I part her legs and spread her pussy and rub her clit, but she says she wants to go to bedroom. She lies on bed and I can't even remember if I was on top of her kissing or if I went straight for her pussy, licking at her clit. Her husband kissed her and put his cock in her mouth. She lifts my head everytime she gets close to climax, unlike me that always wana cum again and again. It was her 1st time with a woman, but she was clearly horny for it. Her shyness went and her fingers found my wet pussy and she exclaimed how wet I was and how swollen my clit was as she rubbed me. I really don't remember the order of everything. I just know her husband made me cum licking me and fingering me while she sucked his cock. He licked her pussy while I sucked him. We both licked and sucked at his cock at the same time. I was on top of her kissing and sucking nipples as he fingered my pussy from behind as I rode my body back and forth over her pussy. Her face was pure lust and enjoyment. He fucked her doggy while she really buried her tongue in my pussy, and she was not shy with dirty talk either. We took a short break chatting. They looked at the time and he said they must fetch kids @ play date. But she exclaimed she wanted more and wanted to cum. He licked her pussy again and her fingers never seemed to leave my pussy through whole session, telling me to suck her husband's cock and fuck my mouth, she kept saying "fuck you're so wet, cum on my fingers!" Husband said I must stop sucking he's close to climax. He put his cock in her pussy and I sat up, again her fingers finding my clit and rubbing as I ride her hand and watching his cock fucking her. I did cum over her hand. He came spraying his cum on her and she continued rubbing her clit and I put my finger deep on her gspot til she came, her pussy clenching on my finger. I left shortly after but not before she said she wants me over thre again.

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