26 Feb 2018

So to follow up with the story....I sent my father inlaw a whatsapp this morning, stressing, not knowing what to expect or to push it and stuff everything up, thanking him for dinner yesterday and making a joke by saying hope he enjoyed playing his game lol. He replied about 20 min latter saying yes he loved the game, and the view was also great....... now not to say too much and just make sure we were on the same page, I replied back and said what view will that be? He then replied and said that yes the game was awesome but then someone came in and made his day by showing him something nice that he liked to see. I then replied back to him and asked was it before or after I was there. He replied back and said no it was YOU. I did not really know how to reply and waited for awhile and replied back and said that I hope he really enjoyed the view and he should just say if he wants to see more. Now by this time my heart is racing and my pussy soaking wet at the same time......... he replied back and said what was I waiting for, so I replied and sent him the link to the site and told him to join if he wants to see more for now......haven't heard from him yet.