28 Jan 2016

I'm a single 35yr old coloured guy living in langebaan.Langebaan is a small westcoast town with the majority of people , white middle class and afrikaans, Because i work almost everyday and no chance to mingle a bit and possibly get laid,I posted an ad on a local website , inviting any ladies for NSA fun.A few weeks past by without any response, I pretty much masturbated twice a day just to keep my sanity.One faithful Friday nogal,I got a message from a certain Marilize, who wanted to chat on whatsapp.I decided to give her an email address , because I feared it might be someone I know and they might recognise my number.We started to chat and soon we started to exchange naked pics.She told me that she is a 50year old lady who never experienced a coloured cock.I quickly send her my cellnumber via email.We continued to chat on whatsapp till about 11pm.She insisted that we meet at zizis, a well known bar in langebaan in 30minutes.I nervously grab my car keys and drove to zizis, which is pretty much a 5minute walk from my apartment.I parked across the street infront of the municipal building, sat in the car for about another 10 minutes smoking a cigarette.Eventually I got out of the car and slowly crossing the street to zizis not knowing what to expect.I entered , looked around and decided to sit at one of the outside tables.I ordered a beer and just sat.The place was busy and I was one of only a handful of non whites in the establishment.My phone rang ...it's an unknown number......To be continued...