Written by nhlingos_sexist

02 Jul 2015

i have a fantasy that so i havent been able to achieve so far.....my fantasy starts....i check my mailbox and find a message with address or hotel and room number, time and day. i immediately get an erection as im driving towards that place my head filled with everything im gonna do to her shes older than me and all i can think of is mulfing and sucking her clit as it gets soaking wet. i reach the location as im walking towards the door my heart is pumping harder as im filled with emotions and nervous i knock and she opens the door in a sexy langerie and says come in. as she closes the door i drop to mu knees and start kissing her virgina through the underwear and i take it off as i start sucking that clit i suck,suck suck that clit as she groans, she tels me to sit on the sofa and she starts giving me a blow job and i hold her breasts and squeez them i start fingering her and she sits on my face again and i suck her clit and giving her a mulfing she deserves and she askes me to put it in but i mulf her some more..she gets ontop of me and rides me as when im about to come she stops and we do the 69 and we have oral sex i come in her mouth and she comes in mine....she invites me to take a shower with her and again when we get in i mulf her suck on that clit she touches my cock and she start sucking it and we fuck in the shower..then she sends me off with a smile.....a fantasy i wish it can happen soon...a woman who wishes to make it come true inbox me hopefully around east rand during the day....where are you my clit