31 May 2017

We settled into a good relationship mwith the Irishman. No longer was anything rushed, rather taken in slowly when we were together. The only change was that the wife wanted to share his cock with me, more and more when we were together.

So we would go down on him, sometimes making him cum before he a chance to fuck her. We were at his place, or our place, sometimes he slept over, we tried 3 in a bed for the night, but it didn't work. The one night wife and I had to leave him sleeping in the bed as it just didn't work. But the next morning, she got up and went to him in our bed, he fucked her while I made the tea. Very cosy.

The Irishman's girlfriend was a well built blonde, as I said, she was bi, having a fling with a business partner. She knew nothing about what we were doing with him. She arranged a lunch soiree at her place in the country. Beautiful day, nice company, good music, lots of wine, nice people.

The music was good for dancing. My wife got onto the floor, and started free dancing. A young guy came up to me, wathing her dance.

'That your wife ?' he asked. I confirmed it. 'She's very sexy on the floor', he said.

He seemed mesmerised by her. 'Tell you something, she will fuck your brains out', I said, looking at him. 'Is that so ', he replied.

She came off the floor and I introduced myself and the wife. I could see there was an attraction on his part. He was 6 years younger than her, and 15 years younger than myself.

The Young Man, as I will call him, became part of our social group. When he was at our place, with or without others, I could see the attraction between him and my wife.

Again, we had the fantasies when we fucked, this time between her and the Young Man.

She came to me one day and said that he had some visitors from overseas who may be interested in merchandise she was selling. She said that he had asked her to go up to his place that night, and show the goods to the visitors.

I agreed. 'Only one thing', I said, 'I want to know if anything other than merchandise goes down'.

'Promise', she said. That night she went out at about 8.

At 11 that night I was in bed, almost asleep, when I realised that she was standing fully clothed by the bed.

'He fucked me twice', she said. 'And he came in mouth'.

She took off her clothes and climbed into the bed. She described how there were no visitors. When she arrive he almost immediately started kissing and groping her in the lounge, taking off her clothes within a few minutes, and fucking her on the lounge floor. While she was telling me this she was on top of me, my cock deep inside her.

'He came inside of me on the lounge floor. Then he took me into the bedroom and I sucked his cock until he came into my mouth. I swallowed, tasted good '.

She got off me and went down on me, until I also came into her mouth. She was on fire.

We finally slept.

The next morning we talked about it, she loved it, glad she did it, wanted more.

So now we had a situaion where she was fucking him, on his own, she was also fucking the Irishman with me, and sometimes without me, and also fucking me in bed at night. It was a crazy situation.

We would be together at our place with the Irishman, his girlfriend, the Young man, his girlfriend, ourselves and others, and nobody knew what was going on. And this went on for months and months.

Problem was, she more she had, the more she wanted to fly solo.

I'll leave it to you to work out how this all panned out.

Another chapter later ?.