30 May 2017

We've been to the Irishman's place a few times. It has become relaxed. I even sit in the lounge and watch TV after we have had the initial fuck, and listen to the sounds coming from the bedroom while they continue . It turns me on.

Now he comes to our place. Difficult because we have kids, so the timing must be right. They like to sleep out with their friends, so the first time he is there with us, they are away.

We have a meal and move to the lounge. I put on a porno movie. The three of us sit on the large sofa. She is in the middle. Hi amd I start playing with her breasts, and it is not long before she has both our cocks in her hands.

It is winter and there is a fire going in the large fireplace. I go to a bedroom and get a large duvet. I lay it on the lounge floor in front of the fire. She is now naked, and lies on the duvet in front of the fire. I go to the bathroom and get some liquid paraffin. I lie next to her and rub the liquid onto her skin. She glistens in the reflection of the flames.

I sit on the sofa. The Irishman gets undressed, and stands over her. I am now used to the size of his cock. He leans over her, kisses her everywhere, opens her legs and proceeds to push himself into her. I am sitting on the sofa watching as she writhes while he fucks her. He turns her over, pushing from the back. I leave them to carry on watching as the real movie unfolds in front of me. I sit until he comes hard into her.

He moves away and I take her, my favourite soft pussy with his cum inside. He kneels at her head, and she sucks him while I fuck her. I come, she is loud. It is over, she lies there. I get a robe for her as it is cold.

We chat for a while, and he goes home.

We go upstairs and fuck again. She is glowing.

Where to from here ?.